Character under, underneath, below; down; inferior; bring down Definition
XIA4 Pinyin haa5 haa6 Jyutping KA GE On SHITA SHIMO MOTO Kun Hangul HA Korean Tang hạ Viet
U+4E05 Variant

Character scare, frighten; intimidate Definition
XIA4 HE4 Pinyin haa2 haa5 haak3 Jyutping KA On ODOSU Kun hách Viet
U+5687 Traditional

Character scare, frighten; intimidate Definition
XIA4 HE4 Pinyin haak1 haak3 Jyutping KAKU KA On ODOSU Kun Hangul HA HYEK Korean
U+5413 Simplified

Character summer; great, grand, big Definition
XIA4 JIA3 Pinyin haa6 Jyutping KA GE On NATSU Kun Hangul HA Korean *hǎ Tang

XIA4 Pinyin KA GE On NATSU Kun

XIA4 Pinyin Hangul HA Korean

XIA4 HE1 Pinyin hap6 hot3 Jyutping


Character crack, fissure, split Definition
XIA4 Pinyin laa3 Jyutping KA KE On HIBI SUKI Kun Hangul HA Korean

XIA4 HU4 Pinyin haa6 wu6 Jyutping

XIA4 Pinyin

XIA4 Pinyin

𨻲 Character a crack, fissure Definition
XIA4 Pinyin

Traditional Simplified
xia4 Pinyin
old variant of , down English

Traditional Simplified
xia4 Pinyin
down English downwards English below English lower English later English next (week etc) English second (of two parts) English to decline English to go down English

下一代 Traditional 下一代 Simplified
xia4 yi1 dai4 Pinyin
the next generation English

下一個 Traditional 下一个 Simplified
xia4 yi1 ge5 Pinyin
the next one English

下一次 Traditional 下一次 Simplified
xia4 yi1 ci4 Pinyin
next English

下一步 Traditional 下一步 Simplified
xia4 yi1 bu4 Pinyin
the next step English

下一站 Traditional 下一站 Simplified
xia4 yi1 zhan4 Pinyin
the next stop (of a bus etc) English

下一頁 Traditional 下一页 Simplified
xia4 yi1 ye4 Pinyin
next page English

下世 Traditional 下世 Simplified
xia4 shi4 Pinyin
to die English the next generation English

下令 Traditional 下令 Simplified
xia4 ling4 Pinyin
to give an order English to command English

下任 Traditional 下任 Simplified
xia4 ren4 Pinyin
next office holder English next to serve English

下個星期 Traditional 下个星期 Simplified
xia4 ge4 xing1 qi1 Pinyin
next week English

下個月 Traditional 下个月 Simplified
xia4 ge4 yue4 Pinyin
next month English

下凡 Traditional 下凡 Simplified
xia4 fan2 Pinyin
to descend to the world (of immortals) English

下列 Traditional 下列 Simplified
xia4 lie4 Pinyin
following English

下劃線 Traditional 下划线 Simplified
xia4 hua4 xian4 Pinyin
underscore _ English underline English

下午 Traditional 下午 Simplified
xia4 wu3 Pinyin
afternoon English p.m. English

下半年 Traditional 下半年 Simplified
xia4 ban4 nian2 Pinyin
last-half year English

下半身 Traditional 下半身 Simplified
xia4 ban4 shen1 Pinyin
lower half of one's body English

下去 Traditional 下去 Simplified
xia4 qu5 Pinyin
to go down English to descend English to go on English to continue English

下唇 Traditional 下唇 Simplified
xia4 chun2 Pinyin
lower lip English

下單 Traditional 下单 Simplified
xia4 dan1 Pinyin
to place an order English to order English an order (of goods) English

下回 Traditional 下回 Simplified
xia4 hui2 Pinyin
next chapter English next time English

下坡 Traditional 下坡 Simplified
xia4 po1 Pinyin
downhill English

下坡路 Traditional 下坡路 Simplified
xia4 po1 lu4 Pinyin
downhill road English slope down English fig. to go downhill English on the decline English

下垂 Traditional 下垂 Simplified
xia4 chui2 Pinyin
to droop English to sag English to hang down English sagging English drooping English prolapse (medicine) English

下場 Traditional 下场 Simplified
xia4 chang5 Pinyin
the end English to conclude English

下場門 Traditional 下场门 Simplified
xia4 chang3 men2 Pinyin
exit door (of the stage) English

下夸克 Traditional 下夸克 Simplified
xia4 kua1 ke4 Pinyin
down quark (physics) English

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