Character leave without reason; surname Definition
LU4 DAI4 Pinyin luk6 Jyutping RYOKU ROKU TAI DAI On

リーブ Reading
leave Translation eng

公暇 Word
こうか Reading
leave of absence Translation eng furlough Translation eng

賜暇 Word
しか Reading
furlough Translation eng leave of absence Translation eng Urlaub Translation ger Beurlaubung Translation ger congé Translation fre permission Translation fre

早退 Word
そうたい Reading
leave early Translation eng vorzeitiges Heimgehen Translation ger vorgezogener Feierabend Translation ger verfrühter Geschäftsschluss Translation ger quitter (le travail, l'école) avant l'heure Translation fre

放置 Word
ほうち Reading
leave as is Translation eng leave to chance Translation eng leave alone Translation eng neglect Translation eng (schriftspr.) Liegenlassen Translation ger Außerachtlassen Translation ger abandonner Translation fre laisser Translation fre

有給休暇 Word
ゆうきゅうきゅうか Reading
paid vacation Translation eng leave Translation eng bezahlter Urlaub Translation ger

Word Word Word
ひま Reading いとま Reading
(of one's time) free Translation eng (of one's business) slow Translation eng spare time Translation eng free time Translation eng leisure Translation eng time off Translation eng day off Translation eng vacation Translation eng holiday Translation eng leave Translation eng quitting (one's job) Translation eng firing someone Translation eng divorcing (one's spouse) Translation eng leaving Translation eng departing Translation eng (schriftspr.) Zeit Translation ger freie Zeit Translation ger Muße Translation ger Entlassung Translation ger Abschied Translation ger Verabschiedung Translation ger Lebewohl Translation ger Adieu Translation ger Urlaub Translation ger loisirs Translation fre temps libre Translation fre (1) вре́мя Translation rus свобо́дное вре́мя Translation rus (2) о́тпуск Translation rus (3) увольне́ние Translation rus
御暇 Crossref

引け Word
ひけ Reading
leave Translation eng defeat Translation eng diffidence Translation eng closing price (stock market) Translation eng Niederlage Translation ger Verlust Translation ger Einbuße Translation ger Nachteil Translation ger ungünstige Lage Translation ger Schwäche Translation ger Feierabend Translation ger Schluss Translation ger

ほっといて Reading
back off! Translation eng leave me alone! Translation eng
放っとく Crossref 放って置く Crossref

ほっといてくれ Reading
back off! Translation eng leave me alone! Translation eng
放っとく Crossref 放って置く Crossref

事假 Traditional 事假 Simplified
shi4 jia4 Pinyin
leave of absence English

假條 Traditional 假条 Simplified
jia4 tiao2 Pinyin
leave permit English application for leave English

出獄 Traditional 出狱 Simplified
chu1 yu4 Pinyin
leave prison English

別離 Traditional 别离 Simplified
bie2 li2 Pinyin
take leave of English leave English

動身 Traditional 动身 Simplified
dong4 shen1 Pinyin
go on a journey English leave English

Traditional Simplified
fen1 Pinyin
leave instructions English to order English

留空 Traditional 留空 Simplified
liu2 kong1 Pinyin
leave blank spaces in writing English

脫軌 Traditional 脱轨 Simplified
tuo1 gui3 Pinyin
leave the rails English derail English jump the track English

道別 Traditional 道别 Simplified
dao4 bie2 Pinyin
leave taking English to say goodbye English

離隊 Traditional 离队 Simplified
li2 dui4 Pinyin
leave one's post English

wei3 Reading Pinyin wei1 Reading Pinyin Reading On ゆだ.ねる Reading Kun まかせ Nanori wi Reading Korean Reading Korean
committee Meaning entrust to Meaning leave to Meaning devote Meaning discard Meaning comité Meaning fr confier à Meaning fr laisser à Meaning fr se consacrer Meaning fr abandonner Meaning fr confiar Meaning es confianza Meaning es detallado Meaning es comitê Meaning pt confiar a Meaning pt deixar para Meaning pt dedicar Meaning pt descartar Meaning pt

yi2 Reading Pinyin wei4 Reading Pinyin Reading On ユイ Reading On のこ. Reading Kun yu Reading Korean Reading Korean
bequeath Meaning leave behind Meaning reserve Meaning léguer Meaning fr laisser derrière Meaning fr garder Meaning fr olvidar Meaning es dejar atrás Meaning es legar Meaning es dejar en herencia Meaning es legar Meaning pt deixar para trás Meaning pt reservar Meaning pt

xia2 Reading Pinyin xia4 Reading Pinyin Reading On ひま Reading Kun いとま Reading Kun ga Reading Korean Reading Korean
spare time Meaning rest Meaning leisure Meaning time Meaning leave of absence Meaning temps libre Meaning fr repos Meaning fr loisirs Meaning fr temps Meaning fr congé Meaning fr tiempo libre Meaning es descanso Meaning es ocio Meaning es tiempo libre ocio Meaning es separación Meaning es adiós Meaning es tempo livre Meaning pt descanso Meaning pt lazer Meaning pt tempo Meaning pt ausência Meaning pt

qu4 Reading Pinyin キョ Reading On Reading On . Reading Kun -さ. Reading Kun Nanori geo Reading Korean Reading Korean
gone Meaning past Meaning quit Meaning leave Meaning elapse Meaning eliminate Meaning divorce Meaning parti Meaning fr passé Meaning fr quitter Meaning fr s'écouler Meaning fr éliminer Meaning fr divorce Meaning fr pasado Meaning es ido Meaning es dejar Meaning es abandonar Meaning es partir Meaning es foi Meaning pt passado Meaning pt deixar Meaning pt passar Meaning pt eliminar Meaning pt divórcio Meaning pt

chu1 Reading Pinyin シュツ Reading On スイ Reading On . Reading Kun -で Reading Kun . Reading Kun -だ. Reading Kun .でる Reading Kun .だす Reading Kun いず Nanori いづ Nanori いで Nanori Nanori すっ Nanori すつ Nanori てん Nanori chul Reading Korean chu Reading Korean Reading Korean Reading Korean
exit Meaning leave Meaning go out Meaning come out Meaning put out Meaning protrude Meaning sortir Meaning fr quitter Meaning fr présence Meaning fr salir Meaning es dejar Meaning es sacar Meaning es saída Meaning pt deixa Meaning pt

zhi4 Reading Pinyin Reading On . Reading Kun -お. Reading Kun おき Nanori おけ Nanori Nanori chi Reading Korean Reading Korean
placement Meaning put Meaning set Meaning deposit Meaning leave behind Meaning keep Meaning employ Meaning pawn Meaning placer Meaning fr poser Meaning fr déposer Meaning fr faire à l'avance Meaning fr laisser derrière Meaning fr garder Meaning fr employer Meaning fr gage Meaning fr poner Meaning es colocar Meaning es situar Meaning es colocação Meaning pt por Meaning pt colocar Meaning pt depositar Meaning pt abandonar Meaning pt manter Meaning pt empregar Meaning pt hipotecar Meaning pt

ba4 Reading Pinyin ba5 Reading Pinyin pi2 Reading Pinyin Reading On まか.り- Reading Kun .める Reading Kun pa Reading Korean pi Reading Korean Reading Korean Reading Korean
quit Meaning stop Meaning leave Meaning withdraw Meaning go Meaning abandon Meaning fr quitter Meaning fr se retirer Meaning fr arrêter Meaning fr aller Meaning fr abandonar Meaning es retirarse Meaning es parar Meaning es dejar Meaning es deixar Meaning pt parada Meaning pt sacar Meaning pt ir Meaning pt

mo4 Reading Pinyin モク Reading On ボク Reading On だま. Reading Kun もだ. Reading Kun mug Reading Korean Reading Korean
silence Meaning become silent Meaning stop speaking Meaning leave as is Meaning silence Meaning fr se taire Meaning fr laisser en l'état Meaning fr silencio Meaning es callarse Meaning es dejar de hablar Meaning es silêncio Meaning pt tornar-se silencioso Meaning pt parar de falar Meaning pt deixar como está Meaning pt

yu4 Reading Pinyin Reading On あず.ける Reading Kun あず.かる Reading Kun ye Reading Korean Reading Korean
deposit Meaning custody Meaning leave with Meaning entrust to Meaning dépôt Meaning fr garde Meaning fr laisser avec Meaning fr confier Meaning fr depósito Meaning es confiar algo a alguien Meaning es dejar al cuidado de Meaning es quedarse al cuidado de Meaning es depósito Meaning pt custódia Meaning pt deixa com Meaning pt háfiar Meaning pt

yi2 Reading Pinyin Reading On タイ Reading On あざむ. Reading Kun i Reading Korean tae Reading Korean Reading Korean Reading Korean
deceive Meaning cheat Meaning give Meaning leave behind Meaning

yi2 Reading Pinyin Reading On おく. Reading Kun i Reading Korean Reading Korean
leave behind Meaning gift Meaning

zou3 Reading Pinyin ソウ Reading On はし. Reading Kun ju Reading Korean Reading Korean
walk Meaning go on foot Meaning run Meaning leave Meaning

pao3 Reading Pinyin pao2 Reading Pinyin ホウ Reading On ビョウ Reading On ハク Reading On だく Reading Kun あが. Reading Kun
run Meaning flee Meaning leave in hurry Meaning trot Meaning trotting Meaning

lu4 Reading Pinyin リョク Reading On ロク Reading On タイ Reading On ダイ Reading On
leave without reason Meaning surname Meaning

Character leave, depart; go away; separate Definition
LI2 LI4 LI3 CHI1 GU3 Pinyin lei4 Jyutping RI On HANARERU HANASU TSUKU Kun Hangul LI Korean *liɛ Tang li Viet
U+79BB Simplified U+F9EA Variant

Character leave, depart; go away; separate Definition
Hangul I Korean
U+96E2 Variant U+96E2 Variant

酵母 Word
こうぼ Reading
yeast Translation eng leaven Translation eng Hefe Translation ger levain Translation fre levure Translation fre

たね Reading
seed Translation eng pip Translation eng kind Translation eng variety Translation eng quality Translation eng tone Translation eng material Translation eng matter Translation eng subject Translation eng theme Translation eng (news) copy Translation eng leaven (bread) Translation eng cause Translation eng source Translation eng trick Translation eng secret Translation eng inside story Translation eng Samen Translation ger Kern Translation ger Stein Translation ger Saat Translation ger Ursache Translation ger Grund Translation ger Quelle Translation ger Thema Translation ger Gegenstand Translation ger Art Translation ger Sorte Translation ger Geheimnis Translation ger Trick Translation ger matière Translation fre sujet Translation fre thème Translation fre graine Translation fre pépin Translation fre semence Translation fre семена Translation rus

醸母 Word
じょうぼ Reading
leaven Translation eng yeast Translation eng

酵母 Traditional 酵母 Simplified
jiao4 mu3 Pinyin
leaven English yeast English

nie4 Reading Pinyin ゲツ Reading On ゲチ Reading On ガツ Reading On ガチ Reading On ひこばえ Reading Kun
yeast Meaning leaven for making liquors Meaning

tu2 Reading Pinyin Reading On Reading On さけのもと Reading Kun do Reading Korean
leaven Meaning yeast Meaning wine Meaning

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