ku4 Reading Pinyin Reading On Reading On くら Reading Kun go Reading Korean Reading Korean
warehouse Meaning storehouse Meaning entrepôt Meaning fr stock Meaning fr magasin Meaning fr almacén Meaning es bodega Meaning es depósito Meaning pt armazém Meaning pt

zhi2 Reading Pinyin zhi4 Reading Pinyin シツ Reading On シチ Reading On Reading On たち Reading Kun ただ. Reading Kun もと Reading Kun わりふ Reading Kun jil Reading Korean ji Reading Korean Reading Korean Reading Korean
substance Meaning quality Meaning matter Meaning temperament Meaning substance Meaning fr matière Meaning fr qualité Meaning fr tempérament Meaning fr substancia Meaning es contenido Meaning es simplicidad Meaning es calidad Meaning es depósito Meaning es custodia Meaning es substância Meaning pt qualidade Meaning pt matéria Meaning pt temperamento Meaning pt

cang1 Reading Pinyin ソウ Reading On くら Reading Kun chang Reading Korean Reading Korean
godown Meaning warehouse Meaning storehouse Meaning cellar Meaning treasury Meaning cellier Meaning fr entrepôt Meaning fr dépôt Meaning fr magasin Meaning fr trésor Meaning fr almacén Meaning es bodega Meaning es granero Meaning es depósito Meaning pt armazém Meaning pt porão Meaning pt tesouraria Meaning pt

cang2 Reading Pinyin zang4 Reading Pinyin ゾウ Reading On ソウ Reading On くら Reading Kun おさ.める Reading Kun かく.れる Reading Kun くらし Nanori くらん Nanori くろう Nanori さし Nanori Nanori ろう Nanori jang Reading Korean Reading Korean
storehouse Meaning hide Meaning own Meaning have Meaning possess Meaning entrepôt Meaning fr salle de stockage Meaning fr cacher Meaning fr avoir Meaning fr posséder Meaning fr almacén Meaning es depósito Meaning es bodega Meaning es esconder Meaning es guardar Meaning es armazém Meaning pt esconder Meaning pt possuir Meaning pt ter Meaning pt

xiang1 Reading Pinyin ソウ Reading On はこ Reading Kun sang Reading Korean Reading Korean
box Meaning chest Meaning case Meaning bin Meaning railway car Meaning boîte Meaning fr coffre Meaning fr caisse Meaning fr wagon Meaning fr caja Meaning es cofre Meaning es caixa Meaning pt tórax Meaning pt caixa de papelão Meaning pt depósito Meaning pt carro de estrada de ferro Meaning pt

fu3 Reading Pinyin Reading On Nanori Nanori Nanori はん Nanori bu Reading Korean Reading Korean
borough Meaning urban prefecture Meaning govt office Meaning representative body Meaning storehouse Meaning préfecture urbaine Meaning fr arrondissement Meaning fr bureau de gouvernement Meaning fr corps représentatif Meaning fr entrepôt Meaning fr municipio Meaning es prefectura urbana Meaning es burgo Meaning pt região urbana Meaning pt altocomissariado Meaning pt corpo representativo Meaning pt depósito Meaning pt

yu4 Reading Pinyin Reading On あず.ける Reading Kun あず.かる Reading Kun ye Reading Korean Reading Korean
deposit Meaning custody Meaning leave with Meaning entrust to Meaning dépôt Meaning fr garde Meaning fr laisser avec Meaning fr confier Meaning fr depósito Meaning es confiar algo a alguien Meaning es dejar al cuidado de Meaning es quedarse al cuidado de Meaning es depósito Meaning pt custódia Meaning pt deixa com Meaning pt háfiar Meaning pt

供託者 Word
きょうたくしゃ Reading
depositor Translation eng Hinterleger Translation ger Depositor Translation ger

預金者 Word
よきんしゃ Reading
depositor Translation eng Depositeninhaber Translation ger

預け主 Word
あずけぬし Reading
depositor Translation eng

存戶 Traditional 存户 Simplified
cun2 hu4 Pinyin
depositor (in bank or shares) English

預かり所 Word
あずかりじょ Reading あずかりしょ Reading
cloakroom Translation eng parcel room Translation eng Aufbewahrungsstelle Translation ger Depositorium Translation ger {japan. Gesch.} Land unter direkter Kontrolle des Bakufu Translation ger Verwalter eines Landgutes Translation ger dépôt Translation fre vestiaire Translation fre

叢祠 Word Word 神庫 Word
ほこら Reading そうし Reading じんこ Reading
small shrine Translation eng depository for sacred objects Translation eng generic term for shrine Translation eng (kleiner) Translation ger Schrein Translation ger

Word Word Word
くら Reading
warehouse Translation eng cellar Translation eng magazine Translation eng granary Translation eng godown Translation eng depository Translation eng treasury Translation eng elevator Translation eng Speicher Translation ger Magazin Translation ger Lager Translation ger Lagerhaus Translation ger cellier Translation fre débarras Translation fre dépôt Translation fre entrepôt Translation fre grenier Translation fre magasin Translation fre кладова́я Translation rus склад Translation rus складско́е помеще́ние Translation rus

Traditional Simplified
zang4 Pinyin
storehouse English depository English cache (computer) English Buddhist or Taoist scripture English

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