wan3 Reading Pinyin yuan1 Reading Pinyin エン Reading On .てる Reading Kun -あて Reading Kun -づつ Reading Kun あたか. Reading Kun wan Reading Korean weon Reading Korean Reading Korean Reading Korean
address Meaning just like Meaning fortunately Meaning adresse (postale) Meaning fr comme si Meaning fr de chaque Meaning fr heureusement Meaning fr algo así como Meaning es enteramente Meaning es completamente Meaning es dirección Meaning es afortunadamente Meaning es

jin1 Reading Pinyin キン Reading On フク Reading On おお. Reading Kun ちきり Reading Kun きれ Reading Kun geon Reading Korean Reading Korean
towel Meaning hanging scroll Meaning width Meaning cloth radical (no. 50) Meaning paño Meaning es tela Meaning es anchura Meaning es algo que se pone en la cabeza Meaning es

綿 Literal
mian2 Reading Pinyin メン Reading On わた Reading Kun Nanori myeon Reading Korean Reading Korean
cotton Meaning coton Meaning fr algodón Meaning es prolongado Meaning es minucioso Meaning es Algodão Meaning pt

アルゴル Reading
Algol (algorithmic language) Translation eng Algol (beta perseus) Translation eng {Astron.} Algol Translation ger (Stern im Sternbild Perseus) Translation ger

アルゴマ Reading Algoma Romaji

アルゴナ Reading Algona Romaji

アルゴナック Reading Algonac Romaji

アルゴンキン Reading Algonquin Romaji

屍冷 Traditional 尸冷 Simplified
shi1 leng3 Pinyin
Algor mortis (u.E.) (Rechtsw) Deutsch

アルゴリズム Reading
algorithm Translation eng {EDV} Algorithmus Translation ger алгоритм Translation rus

演算手順 Word
えんざんてじゅん Reading
algorithm Translation eng

算法 Word
さんぽう Reading
arithmetic Translation eng algorithm Translation eng {Math.} Rechnen Translation ger Zahlenlehre Translation ger (insbes. in der Edo-Zeit) Translation ger Arithmetik Translation ger

算法 Traditional 算法 Simplified
suan4 fa3 Pinyin
arithmetic English algorithm English method of calculation English

アルゴリズミック Reading
algorithmic Translation eng {Math.} algorithmisch Translation ger алгоритми́ческий Translation rus

解題步驟 Traditional 解题步骤 Simplified
jie3 ti2 bu4 zhou4 Pinyin
Algorithmus (u.E.) (S) Deutsch

算法 Traditional 算法 Simplified
suan4 fa3 Pinyin
Algorithmus (S) Deutsch

運算法則 Traditional 运算法则 Simplified
yun4 suan4 fa3 ze2 Pinyin
Algorithmus (u.E.) (S) Deutsch

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