qu1 Reading Pinyin Reading On .ける Reading Kun . Reading Kun gu Reading Korean Reading Korean
drive Meaning run Meaning gallop Meaning advance Meaning inspire Meaning impel Meaning conduire Meaning fr courir Meaning fr galoper Meaning fr aiguillonner Meaning fr pousser à Meaning fr galopar Meaning es hacer correr a un caballo Meaning es avanzar Meaning es dirigir Meaning pt corrida Meaning pt galope Meaning pt avançar Meaning pt inspirar Meaning pt impelir Meaning pt

tiao4 Reading Pinyin チョウ Reading On .ねる Reading Kun . Reading Kun -と. Reading Kun jo Reading Korean do Reading Korean Reading Korean Reading Korean
hop Meaning leap up Meaning spring Meaning jerk Meaning prance Meaning buck Meaning splash Meaning sputter Meaning snap Meaning sauter Meaning fr bondir Meaning fr caracoler Meaning fr ruer (cheval) Meaning fr jaillir Meaning fr gicler Meaning fr craquer Meaning fr collision Meaning fr volar Meaning es brincar Meaning es saltar Meaning es pulo Meaning pt saltar Meaning pt pular Meaning pt empurrão Meaning pt galope Meaning pt dólar Meaning pt respingar Meaning pt erupção Meaning pt tranco Meaning pt

駆ける Word 駈ける Word
かける Reading
to run (race, esp. horse) Translation eng to dash Translation eng to gallop (one's horse) Translation eng to canter Translation eng to advance (against one's enemy) Translation eng rennen Translation ger laufen Translation ger galoppieren Translation ger courir Translation fre galoper Translation fre

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