Character go out, send out; stand; produce Definition
CHU1 Pinyin ceot1 Jyutping SHUTSU SUI On DERU DASU Kun Hangul CHWUL CHWU Korean *chuit Tang xuất Viet
U+5C80 Variant

Character beginning, initial, primary Definition
CHU1 Pinyin co1 Jyutping SHO SO On HAJIME HATSU UI Kun Hangul CHO Korean *chriu Tang Viet

Character go out Definition

Character Ailanthus glandulosa or A. altissima, a kind of tree useless as timber Definition
CHU1 SHU1 Pinyin syu1 Jyutping CHO On OUCHI Kun Hangul CE Korean chio Tang vụ Viet

Character a kind of animal like a tiger; fierce wild beasts Definition
CHU1 Pinyin ceoi1 jyu6 Jyutping CHU CHO On KEMONO Kun tjio Tang
U+4759 Simplified

Character act; stanza; time, occasion Definition
CHU1 Pinyin ceot1 Jyutping SHUTSU SETSU On KUGIRI KOMA Kun CHEK Korean

Traditional Simplified
chu1 Pinyin
to go out English to come out English to occur English to produce English to go beyond English to rise English to put forth English to happen English classifier for dramas, plays, operas etc English

出亂子 Traditional 出乱子 Simplified
chu1 luan4 zi5 Pinyin
to go wrong English to get into trouble English

出了事 Traditional 出了事 Simplified
chu1 le5 shi4 Pinyin
sth bad happened English

出事 Traditional 出事 Simplified
chu1 shi4 Pinyin
have an accident English meet with a mishap English

出亡 Traditional 出亡 Simplified
chu1 wang2 Pinyin
to go into exile English

出人命 Traditional 出人命 Simplified
chu1 ren2 ming4 Pinyin
fatal English resulting in sb's death English

出仕 Traditional 出仕 Simplified
chu1 shi4 Pinyin
to take up an official post English

出任 Traditional 出任 Simplified
chu1 ren4 Pinyin
to take up a post English to start in a new job English

出來 Traditional 出来 Simplified
chu1 lai2 Pinyin
to come out English to emerge English

出借 Traditional 出借 Simplified
chu1 jie4 Pinyin
to lend English to put out a loan English

出價 Traditional 出价 Simplified
chu1 jia4 Pinyin
to bid English

出入 Traditional 出入 Simplified
chu1 ru4 Pinyin
to go out and come in English entrance and exit English expenditure and income English discrepancy English inconsistent English

出入口 Traditional 出入口 Simplified
chu1 ru4 kou3 Pinyin
gateway English

出入門 Traditional 出入门 Simplified
chu1 ru4 men2 Pinyin
entrance and exit door English

出兵 Traditional 出兵 Simplified
chu1 bing1 Pinyin
send troops English

出具 Traditional 出具 Simplified
chu1 ju4 Pinyin
to issue (document, certificate etc) English to provide English

出列 Traditional 出列 Simplified
chu1 lie4 Pinyin
to step out of the ranks English Soldier X, step forward! English

出力 Traditional 出力 Simplified
chu1 li4 Pinyin
to exert oneself English

出動 Traditional 出动 Simplified
chu1 dong4 Pinyin
to start out on a trip English to dispatch troops English

出勤 Traditional 出勤 Simplified
chu1 qin2 Pinyin
to start work English to show up on time for work English

出包 Traditional 出包 Simplified
chu1 bao1 Pinyin
to contract out English to run into problems English

出去 Traditional 出去 Simplified
chu1 qu4 Pinyin
to go out English

出口 Traditional 出口 Simplified
chu1 kou3 Pinyin
an exit English to speak English to export English (of a ship) to leave port English

出口商 Traditional 出口商 Simplified
chu1 kou3 shang1 Pinyin
exporter English export business English

出口商品 Traditional 出口商品 Simplified
chu1 kou3 shang1 pin3 Pinyin
export product English export goods English

出口產品 Traditional 出口产品 Simplified
chu1 kou3 chan3 pin3 Pinyin
export product English

出口調查 Traditional 出口调查 Simplified
chu1 kou3 diao4 cha2 Pinyin
exit poll English

出口貨 Traditional 出口货 Simplified
chu1 kou3 huo4 Pinyin
exports English goods for export English

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