Word Word Word
ひま Reading いとま Reading
spare time Translation eng free time Translation eng leisure Translation eng time off Translation eng day off Translation eng vacation Translation eng holiday Translation eng leave Translation eng quitting (one's job) Translation eng firing someone Translation eng divorcing (one's spouse) Translation eng (of one's time) free Translation eng (of one's business) slow Translation eng leaving Translation eng departing Translation eng (schriftspr.) Zeit Translation ger freie Zeit Translation ger Muße Translation ger Entlassung Translation ger Abschied Translation ger Verabschiedung Translation ger Lebewohl Translation ger Adieu Translation ger Urlaub Translation ger loisirs Translation fre temps libre Translation fre (1) вре́мя Translation rus свобо́дное вре́мя Translation rus (2) о́тпуск Translation rus (3) увольне́ние Translation rus
御暇 Crossref
いとま Restriction

糸満 Word
いとま Reading Itoma Romaji

いとま Reading Itoma Romaji

xia2 Reading Pinyin xia4 Reading Pinyin Reading On ひま Reading Kun いとま Reading Kun ga Reading Korean Reading Korean
spare time Meaning rest Meaning leisure Meaning time Meaning leave of absence Meaning temps libre Meaning fr repos Meaning fr loisirs Meaning fr temps Meaning fr congé Meaning fr tiempo libre Meaning es descanso Meaning es ocio Meaning es tiempo libre ocio Meaning es separación Meaning es adiós Meaning es tempo livre Meaning pt descanso Meaning pt lazer Meaning pt tempo Meaning pt ausência Meaning pt

huang2 Reading Pinyin カン Reading On コウ Reading On いとま Reading Kun ひま Reading Kun hwang Reading Korean Reading Korean
leisure Meaning

huang2 Reading Pinyin コウ Reading On オウ Reading On たたず. Reading Kun さまよ. Reading Kun たちもとほ. Reading Kun いとま Reading Kun hwang Reading Korean
agitated Meaning alarmed Meaning

糸巻き Word
いとまき Reading
spool of thread Translation eng Spule Translation ger Haspel Translation ger Garnrolle Translation ger

井土巻 Word
いどまき Reading Idomaki Romaji

糸巻 Word
いとまき Reading Itomaki Romaji

糸巻エイ Word 糸巻えい Word
いとまきエイ Reading いとまきえい Reading
devilray Translation eng Mobula japanica Translation eng devilfish Translation eng

ni2 Reading Pinyin デイ Reading On ナイ Reading On いとまきのあし Reading Kun
Niobium (element) Meaning

ni2 Reading Pinyin デイ Reading On ナイ Reading On いとまきのあし Reading Kun

暇乞い Word
いとまごい Reading
leave-taking Translation eng offering one's resignation Translation eng farewell visit Translation eng Abschiedsbesuch Translation ger Lebewohlsagen Translation ger

井門町 Word
いどまち Reading Idomachi Romaji

糸町 Word
いとまち Reading Itomachi Romaji

伊泊 Word
いどまり Reading Idomari Romaji

糸丸 Word
いとまる Reading Itomaru Romaji

糸満 Word
いとまん Reading Itoman Romaji

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