Character offering blood to God Definition
ER4 Pinyin nei6 Jyutping

供え Word
そなえ Reading
offering Translation eng

供物 Word 供え物 Word
くもつ Reading そなえもの Reading
offering Translation eng Opfergabe Translation ger Votivgabe Translation ger offrande Translation fre

供料 Word
きょうりょう Reading
offering Translation eng

懸賞 Word
けんしょう Reading
offering prizes Translation eng winning Translation eng reward Translation eng Preis Translation ger Preisausschreiben Translation ger gain Translation fre offrir des récompenses Translation fre récompense Translation fre

献金 Word
けんきん Reading
donation Translation eng contribution Translation eng offering Translation eng Geldspende Translation ger Geldsammlung Translation ger Kollekte Translation ger Opfergeld Translation ger contribution Translation fre don Translation fre

献納 Word
けんのう Reading
offering Translation eng presentation Translation eng donation Translation eng Stiftung Translation ger Schenkung Translation ger Gabe Translation ger Beisteuer Translation ger

売り物 Word
うりもの Reading
article for sale Translation eng offering Translation eng For Sale Translation eng Verkaufsgegenstand Translation ger Verkaufsartikel Translation ger Verkaufsobjekt Translation ger besondere Vorzüge Translation ger argument de vente Translation fre article de vente Translation fre vendre" Translation fre

発売 Word
はつばい Reading
sale Translation eng offering for sale Translation eng release (for sale) Translation eng launch (product) Translation eng Verkauf Translation ger mettre en vente Translation fre mise en vente Translation fre

奉納 Word
ほうのう Reading
dedication Translation eng offering Translation eng presentation Translation eng oblation Translation eng Weihung Translation ger Darbringung Translation ger Widmung Translation ger Aufführung Translation ger (zu Ehren) Translation ger dédier Translation fre offrir Translation fre vouer Translation fre

献言 Word 建言 Word
けんげん Reading
right to speak Translation eng offering one's opinion to one's superior Translation eng proposal Translation eng (schriftspr.) Translation ger Memorandum Translation ger Vorschlag Translation ger

開講 Word
かいこう Reading
holding a course (of lectures) Translation eng offering a course Translation eng beginning a series of one's lectures Translation eng starting a new course Translation eng Beginn der Vorlesung Translation ger

暇乞い Word
いとまごい Reading
leave-taking Translation eng offering one's resignation Translation eng farewell visit Translation eng Abschiedsbesuch Translation ger Lebewohlsagen Translation ger

返杯 Word 返盃 Word
へんぱい Reading
offering a cup (of sake) in return Translation eng Einschenken im Gegenzug Translation ger

具申 Word
ぐしん Reading
offering a full report to a superior Translation eng genauer Bericht Translation ger

献杯 Word 献盃 Word
けんぱい Reading
offering a drink Translation eng Zutrinken Translation ger

捧げ物 Word
ささげもの Reading
offering Translation eng sacrifice Translation eng Darbringung Translation ger Opfergabe Translation ger

献酌 Word
けんしゃく Reading
offering a drink Translation eng

幣貢 Word
へいこう Reading
offering Translation eng tribute Translation eng

目論見書 Word
もくろみしょ Reading
prospectus Translation eng offering memorandum Translation eng

供花 Word 供華 Word
きょうか Reading くげ Reading くうげ Reading
offering of flowers (at shrine, grave, etc.) Translation eng floral tribute Translation eng

Word Word
にえ Reading
offering (to the gods, emperor, etc.) Translation eng gift Translation eng sacrifice Translation eng

供品 Traditional 供品 Simplified
gong4 pin3 Pinyin
offering English

供物 Traditional 供物 Simplified
gong4 wu4 Pinyin
offering English

奉現 Traditional 奉现 Simplified
feng4 xian4 Pinyin
offering English

祭品 Traditional 祭品 Simplified
ji4 pin3 Pinyin
offering English

xian4 Reading Pinyin ケン Reading On コン Reading On たてまつ. Reading Kun heon Reading Korean sa Reading Korean Reading Korean Reading Korean
offering Meaning counter for drinks Meaning present Meaning offer Meaning don Meaning fr offrande Meaning fr faire cadeau Meaning fr offrir Meaning fr compteur de boissons Meaning fr oferta Meaning es ofrenda Meaning es dedicar Meaning es ofrecer Meaning es contador de bebidas Meaning es oferta Meaning pt sufixo p/ contagem de bebidas Meaning pt presente Meaning pt oferecer Meaning pt

sheng1 Reading Pinyin セイ Reading On saeng Reading Korean Reading Korean
animal sacrifice Meaning offering Meaning sacrifice animal Meaning fr offrande Meaning fr sacrificio Meaning es ofrenda Meaning es víctima Meaning es Sacrifício animal Meaning pt oferta Meaning pt

zhi4 Reading Pinyin Reading On にえ Reading Kun ji Reading Korean Reading Korean
offering Meaning sacrifice Meaning

zhuan4 Reading Pinyin セン Reading On サン Reading On そな.える Reading Kun chan Reading Korean Reading Korean
food Meaning offering Meaning

供祭 Word
ぐさい Reading
offerings Translation eng offerings and worship Translation eng

布施 Word
ふせ Reading
alms Translation eng offerings Translation eng Almosen Translation ger

御飾り Word お飾り Word
おかざり Reading
decorations Translation eng offerings Translation eng mere window dressing Translation eng Neujahrsschmuck Translation ger schmückendes Beiwerk ohne Gehalt Translation ger Galionsfigur Translation ger

僧供 Word
そうぐ Reading
giving to a monk Translation eng offerings made to monks Translation eng

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