yu4 Reading Pinyin グウ Reading On . Reading Kun u Reading Korean Reading Korean
interview Meaning treat Meaning entertain Meaning receive Meaning deal with Meaning entrevue Meaning fr traiter Meaning fr rencontrer Meaning fr distraire Meaning fr recevoir Meaning fr tratar con Meaning es encuentro por casualidad Meaning es hospitalidad Meaning es entrevista Meaning pt convite Meaning pt entreter Meaning pt receber Meaning pt lidar com Meaning pt

chu3 Reading Pinyin chu4 Reading Pinyin ショ Reading On ところ Reading Kun -こ Reading Kun . Reading Kun cheo Reading Korean Reading Korean
dispose Meaning manage Meaning deal with Meaning sentence Meaning condemn Meaning act Meaning behave Meaning place Meaning traiter Meaning fr se débarrasser Meaning fr sentence Meaning fr condamner Meaning fr agir Meaning fr se comporter Meaning fr vierge Meaning fr lieu Meaning fr lugar Meaning es deshacerse de Meaning es ingeniárselas Meaning es arreglárselas Meaning es tratar Meaning es dispor Meaning pt administrar Meaning pt lidar com Meaning pt semtença Meaning pt condenar Meaning pt ato Meaning pt proceder Meaning pt

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