Character crab apple tree; wild plums Definition
TANG2 Pinyin tong4 Jyutping TOU DOU On YAMANASHI Kun Hangul TANG Korean dhɑng Tang

Character crab Definition
PANG2 BANG3 Pinyin pong4 Jyutping HOU BOU HYOU On Hangul PANG Korean

クラブ Reading
club (e.g. golf, tennis) Translation eng clubs (card suit) Translation eng crab Translation eng Klub Translation ger Club Translation ger Gruppe Translation ger Neigungsgruppe Translation ger (in der Schule oder Uni) Translation ger club Translation fre клуб (en: club) Translation rus

Word Word
かに Reading
crab Translation eng {Zool.} Krabbe Translation ger crabe Translation fre краб Translation rus

毛ジラミ Word 毛虱 Word
けジラミ Reading けじらみ Reading
crab louse (Pthirus pubis) Translation eng crab lice Translation eng pubic louse Translation eng pubic lice Translation eng {Insektenk.} Filzlaus Translation ger Haarlaus Translation ger (<wiss. N.: Pthirus pubis>) Translation ger

蝦蛄葉サボテン Word
しゃこばサボテン Reading
Christmas cactus Translation eng crab cactus Translation eng

蟹星雲 Word
かにせいうん Reading
Crab Nebula Translation eng {Astron.} Krebsnebel Translation ger (ein Nebelfleck im Sternbild Stier) Translation ger

クラブ Reading Crab Romaji Crabb Romaji

Traditional Simplified
fu3 Pinyin
crab English

Traditional Simplified
pang2 Pinyin
crab English

螃蟹 Traditional 螃蟹 Simplified
pang2 xie4 Pinyin
crab English

Traditional Simplified
xie4 Pinyin
crab English

蟹狀星雲 Traditional 蟹状星云 Simplified
xie4 zhuang4 xing1 yun2 Pinyin
Crab nebula English

蟹粉 Traditional 蟹粉 Simplified
xie4 fen3 Pinyin
crab meat English

蟹肉 Traditional 蟹肉 Simplified
xie4 rou4 Pinyin
crab meat English

蟹醬 Traditional 蟹酱 Simplified
xie4 jiang4 Pinyin
crab paste English

蟹黃水 Traditional 蟹黄水 Simplified
xie4 huang2 shui3 Pinyin
crab roe English crab spawn English (used for crab meat in general) English

xie4 Reading Pinyin カイ Reading On かに Reading Kun hae Reading Korean Reading Korean
crab Meaning cangrejo Meaning es

xie4 Reading Pinyin xie3 Reading Pinyin カイ Reading On かに Reading Kun hae Reading Korean Reading Korean
crab Meaning

pang2 Reading Pinyin ホウ Reading On ヒョウ Reading On bang Reading Korean
crab Meaning

Character crab, brachyura Definition
XIE4 Pinyin haai5 Jyutping KAI On KANI Kun Hangul HAY Korean

Character crab, brachyura Definition
XIE4 Pinyin haai5 Jyutping KAI On KANI Kun
U+87F9 Variant

tang2 Reading Pinyin トウ Reading On やまなし Reading Kun dang Reading Korean Reading Korean
wild pear tree Meaning crabapple tree Meaning

Character crab-apple tree; endure, bear Definition
NAI4 Pinyin noi6 Jyutping NA DAI On KARANASHI Kun Hangul NAY Korean
U+5948 Variant

Traditional Simplified
nai4 Pinyin
crab-apple English how can one help English

nai4 Reading Pinyin Reading On ナイ Reading On ダイ Reading On いかん Reading Kun からなし Reading Kun nae Reading Korean
crab-apple tree Meaning endure Meaning bear Meaning

クラッベ Reading Crabbe Romaji Krabbe Romaji

つんけん Reading
crabbily Translation eng unsociably Translation eng

Traditional Simplified
jue2 Pinyin
crabby English tough English

蟹工船 Word 蠏工船 Word
かにこうせん Reading
crab-canning boat Translation eng Krabbenschiff Translation ger (mit Verarbeitung in Konserven) Translation ger

蟹食猿 Word
かにくいざる Reading
crab-eating macaque Translation eng

蟹獴 Traditional 蟹獴 Simplified
xie4 meng3 Pinyin
crab-eating mongoose English

クラブショー Reading Crabshaw Romaji

クラブトリー Reading Crabtree Romaji

橫爬行 Traditional 横爬行 Simplified
heng2 pa2 xing2 Pinyin
to walk sideways English crab-wise English

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