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bottom (or another side that is hidden from view) Translation eng undersurface Translation eng opposite side Translation eng reverse side Translation eng rear Translation eng back Translation eng behind (the house) Translation eng lining Translation eng inside Translation eng out of sight Translation eng behind the scenes Translation eng opposite (of a prediction, common sense, etc.) Translation eng inverse (of a hypothesis, etc.) Translation eng bottom (of an inning) Translation eng last half (of an inning) Translation eng proof Translation eng Rückseite Translation ger Kehrseite Translation ger innere Seite Translation ger Hinterseite Translation ger {Kleidung} Futter Translation ger verborgene Seite Translation ger verborgene Bedeutung Translation ger {Baseb.} letzte Hälfte eines Innings Translation ger Sohle Translation ger arrière Translation fre côté opposé Translation fre dos Translation fre dossier Translation fre doublure Translation fre envers Translation fre paume Translation fre pile Translation fre revers Translation fre semelle Translation fre verso Translation fre
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bottom Meaning sole Meaning depth Meaning bottom price Meaning base Meaning kind Meaning sort Meaning partie basse Meaning fr fond Meaning fr semelle Meaning fr profondeur Meaning fr prix plancher Meaning fr base Meaning fr sorte Meaning fr fondo Meaning es suelo Meaning es parte más baja Meaning es base Meaning es único Meaning pt fundo Meaning pt profundidade Meaning pt preço baixo Meaning pt base Meaning pt espécie Meaning pt tipo Meaning pt

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back Meaning amidst Meaning in Meaning reverse Meaning inside Meaning palm Meaning sole Meaning rear Meaning lining Meaning wrong side Meaning arrière Meaning fr revers Meaning fr verso Meaning fr intérieur Meaning fr semelle Meaning fr paume Meaning fr envers Meaning fr doublure Meaning fr mauvais côté Meaning fr reverso Meaning es opuesto Meaning es parte interior Meaning es en esa situación Meaning es interior Meaning es costas Meaning pt no meio de Meaning pt em Meaning pt inverter Meaning pt interior Meaning pt palma Meaning pt atrás Meaning pt forro Meaning pt lado errado Meaning pt

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