Character inclined one side; slanting Definition
PIAN1 Pinyin pin1 Jyutping HEN On KATAYORU HITOENI Kun Hangul PHYEN Korean piɛn Tang thiên Viet

傾斜面 Word
けいしゃめん Reading
inclined plane Translation eng slope Translation eng schräge Fläche Translation ger geneigte Fläche Translation ger Abhang Translation ger

斜坑 Word
しゃこう Reading
inclined shaft Translation eng {Bergbau} geneigter Schacht Translation ger

Traditional Simplified
ce4 Pinyin
the side English to incline towards English to lean English inclined English lateral English side English

坡道 Traditional 坡道 Simplified
po1 dao4 Pinyin
slope English road on slope English inclined path English

Traditional Simplified
xie2 Pinyin
inclined English slanting English oblique English tilting English

斜面 Traditional 斜面 Simplified
xie2 mian4 Pinyin
inclined plane English

Traditional Simplified
po1 Pinyin
rather English quite English considerably (Taiwan pr. po3) English oblique English inclined English slanting English

dai4 Reading Pinyin タイ Reading On せき Reading Kun tae Reading Korean
dam Meaning jock Meaning inclined plane on a canal, where boats can be hauled up or down Meaning

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