Character (dial.) to kill; to slaughter Definition
tong1 Jyutping
U+528F Traditional

Character to butcher Definition
TANG1 Pinyin tong1 Jyutping
U+34E5 Simplified

Character used for sound Definition
TONG1 Pinyin

Character in pain, sorrowful Definition
TONG1 DONG4 Pinyin dung6 tung1 Jyutping DOU TOU On ITAMU Kun Hangul THONG Korean

Character tree name Definition
TONG1 Pinyin TOU On HI Kun Hangul THONG Korean thông Viet

Character hot water; soup, gravy, broth Definition
TANG1 TANG4 SHANG1 YANG2 Pinyin tong1 Jyutping
U+6E6F Traditional

TONG1 Pinyin tung1 Jyutping TONG Korean

Character heat up by steaming Definition
TONG1 Pinyin tung1 Jyutping

TONG1 Pinyin

Character ache, be in pain; painful Definition
TONG1 Pinyin tung1 Jyutping TOU ZU On ITAMU Kun

TANG1 Pinyin tong1 Jyutping

Character paper-plant; Aralia papyrifera Definition
TONG1 Pinyin tung1 Jyutping TOU TSU On AKEBI Kun

Character pass through, common, communicate Definition
TONG1 TONG4 Pinyin tung1 Jyutping TS UTSU TOU On TOORU KAYOU TOORI Kun Hangul THONG Korean *tung Tang thông Viet

Character boring tool Definition
TANG1 TANG2 Pinyin tong1 Jyutping TOU On Hangul TANG Korean
U+9557 Simplified

Character boring tool Definition
TANG1 Pinyin tong1 Jyutping
U+93DC Traditional

TANG2 CHANG1 TANG1 Pinyin tong1 tong4 Jyutping

Traditional Simplified
tong1 Pinyin
thump (onomat.) English thud English

Traditional Simplified
tong1 Pinyin
moaning in pain English

Traditional Simplified
tong1 Pinyin
Aralia papyrifera English

Traditional Simplified
tong1 Pinyin
to go through English to know well English to connect English to communicate English open English to clear English

通什 Traditional 通什 Simplified
Tong1 shi2 Pinyin
Tongshi, Hainan English

通俗 Traditional 通俗 Simplified
tong1 su2 Pinyin
common English everyday English average English

通俗小說 Traditional 通俗小说 Simplified
tong1 su2 xiao3 shuo1 Pinyin
popular fiction English light literature English

通俗易懂 Traditional 通俗易懂 Simplified
tong1 su2 yi4 dong3 Pinyin
easy to understand English

通俗科學 Traditional 通俗科学 Simplified
tong1 su2 ke1 xue2 Pinyin
popular science English

通信 Traditional 通信 Simplified
tong1 xin4 Pinyin
to communicate English

通信地址 Traditional 通信地址 Simplified
tong1 xin4 di4 zhi3 Pinyin
mail address English

通信密度 Traditional 通信密度 Simplified
tong1 xin4 mi4 du4 Pinyin
communications density English

通信服務 Traditional 通信服务 Simplified
tong1 xin4 fu2 wu4 Pinyin
communication service English

通信線 Traditional 通信线 Simplified
tong1 xin4 xian4 Pinyin
communication line English hot line English

通信負載 Traditional 通信负载 Simplified
tong1 xin4 fu4 zai4 Pinyin
communications load English

通信量 Traditional 通信量 Simplified
tong1 xin4 liang4 Pinyin
communications volume English

通判 Traditional 通判 Simplified
tong1 pan4 Pinyin
local magistrate English

通力 Traditional 通力 Simplified
tong1 li4 Pinyin
to cooperate English concerted effort English

通勤 Traditional 通勤 Simplified
tong1 qin2 Pinyin
commuting English

通古斯 Traditional 通古斯 Simplified
Tong1 gu3 si1 Pinyin
Tungus English

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