Unicode 5.2
Character Definition dry , parched , arid ; quick-tempered
Pinyin ZAO4 SAO4 Jyutping cou3 On SOU Kun KAWAKU Hangul Korean CO Tang sɑ̌u Viet táo

CEDict 100318
Traditional Simplified
Pinyin zao4
English dry ; parched ; impatient

HanDeDict 100318
Traditional Simplified
Pinyin zao4
Deutsch trocken , ausgetrocknet , ungeduldig (u.E.) ( Adj )

KanjiDic2 100402
Reading Pinyin zao4 Reading On ソウ Reading Kun はしゃ .ぐ Reading Korean jo Reading Korean
Meaning parch ; dry up Meaning fr dessécher ; être joyeux Meaning es secar ; resecar Meaning pt ressecar ; secar

JMdict 100319
Word 燥ぐ
Reading はしゃぐ
Translation eng to make merry ; to frolic ; to be in high spirits Translation ger sich ausgelassen freuen ; in guter Stimmung sein ; trocknen Translation fre être joyeux ; s'amuser Translation rus весели́ться

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