Character commonly known as mother in Wu Definition
MI4 Pinyin maai4 Jyutping

俗に Word
ぞくに Reading
as slang Translation eng commonly Translation eng gewöhnlich Translation ger populär Translation ger

茶飯事 Word
さはんじ Reading
commonly occurring thing Translation eng commonplace event Translation eng bread and butter item Translation eng (schriftspr.) Translation ger Alltäglichkeit Translation ger alltägliches Ereignis Translation ger

俗稱 Traditional 俗称 Simplified
su2 cheng1 Pinyin
commonly referred to as English common term English

口碑 Traditional 口碑 Simplified
kou3 bei1 Pinyin
public praise English public reputation English commonly held opinions English current idiom English

常見 Traditional 常见 Simplified
chang2 jian4 Pinyin
commonly seen English common English to see sth frequently English

慣用語 Traditional 惯用语 Simplified
guan4 yong4 yu3 Pinyin
commonly used phrase English idiom English colloquial usage English

Traditional Simplified
na4 Pinyin
that English those English then (in that case) English commonly pr. nei4 before a classifier, esp. in Beijing English

麒麟 Traditional 麒麟 Simplified
qi2 lin2 Pinyin
qilin (mythical Chinese animal) English kylin English Chinese unicorn English commonly mistranslated as giraffe English

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