Character name of a mountain, the plain between mountains Definition
YONG4 Pinyin zung6 Jyutping

Character measuring unit for thermodynamics Definition
YONG4 Pinyin zung6 Jyutping

Character commission fee Definition
YONG4 YONG1 YONG2 Pinyin jung6 Jyutping YOU On
U+50AD Traditional

Character use, employ, apply, operate; use Definition
YONG4 Pinyin jung6 Jyutping YOU On MOCHIIRU HATARAKI MOTTE Kun Hangul YONG Korean *iòng Tang dụng Viet

YONG4 Pinyin YOU YU On

YONG4 YONG3 Pinyin wing4 wing6 Jyutping

Traditional Simplified
yong4 Pinyin
commission (for middleman) English brokerage fee English

佣金 Traditional 佣金 Simplified
yong4 jin1 Pinyin
commission English

佣錢 Traditional 佣钱 Simplified
yong4 qian5 Pinyin
commission English brokerage English

Traditional Simplified
yong4 Pinyin
to use English to employ English to have to English to eat or drink English expense or outlay English usefulness English hence English therefore English

用不了 Traditional 用不了 Simplified
yong4 bu5 liao3 Pinyin
to not use all of English to use less than English

用不著 Traditional 用不着 Simplified
yong4 bu5 zhao2 Pinyin
not need English have no use for English

用于 Traditional 用于 Simplified
yong4 yu2 Pinyin
use in English use on English use for English

用人 Traditional 用人 Simplified
yong4 ren2 Pinyin
servant English

用以 Traditional 用以 Simplified
yong4 yi3 Pinyin
in order to English so as to English

用作 Traditional 用作 Simplified
yong4 zuo4 Pinyin
to use for the purpose of English to serve as English

用作配種 Traditional 用作配种 Simplified
yong4 zuo4 pei4 zhong3 Pinyin
to put out to stud English

用來 Traditional 用来 Simplified
yong4 lai2 Pinyin
to be used for English

用來配種 Traditional 用来配种 Simplified
yong4 lai2 pei4 zhong3 Pinyin
to put out to stud English

用光 Traditional 用光 Simplified
yong4 guang1 Pinyin
out of (supply) English spent English exhausted (used up) English depleted English

用具 Traditional 用具 Simplified
yong4 ju4 Pinyin
appliance English utensil English

用力 Traditional 用力 Simplified
yong4 li4 Pinyin
exert oneself (physically) English put forth one's strength English

用功 Traditional 用功 Simplified
yong4 gong1 Pinyin
diligent English industrious (in one's studies) English to study hard English to make great effort English

用品 Traditional 用品 Simplified
yong4 pin3 Pinyin
articles for use English products English goods English

用字 Traditional 用字 Simplified
yong4 zi4 Pinyin
use letters English use words English diction English

用完 Traditional 用完 Simplified
yong4 wan2 Pinyin
used up English finished English

用度 Traditional 用度 Simplified
yong4 du4 Pinyin
expense English

用得上 Traditional 用得上 Simplified
yong4 de5 shang4 Pinyin
needed English to come in useful English

用得著 Traditional 用得着 Simplified
yong4 de5 zhao2 Pinyin
to be able to use English useable English to have a use for sth English

用心 Traditional 用心 Simplified
yong4 xin1 Pinyin
motive English intention English to be diligent or attentive English careful English

用意 Traditional 用意 Simplified
yong4 yi4 Pinyin
intention English purpose English

用戶 Traditional 用户 Simplified
yong4 hu4 Pinyin
user English consumer English subscriber English customer English

用戶名 Traditional 用户名 Simplified
yong4 hu4 ming2 Pinyin
username English user ID English

用戶定義 Traditional 用户定义 Simplified
yong4 hu4 ding4 yi4 Pinyin
user-defined English

用戶數據 Traditional 用户数据 Simplified
yong4 hu4 shu4 ju4 Pinyin
user data English

用戶界面 Traditional 用户界面 Simplified
yong4 hu4 jie4 mian4 Pinyin
user interface English

用戶線 Traditional 用户线 Simplified
yong4 hu4 xian4 Pinyin
subscriber line English

用於修飾 Traditional 用于修饰 Simplified
yong4 yu2 xiu1 shi4 Pinyin
to use in respect to English to pertain to English

用油炸 Traditional 用油炸 Simplified
yong4 you2 zha2 Pinyin
fry English

用法 Traditional 用法 Simplified
yong4 fa3 Pinyin
usage English

用盡 Traditional 用尽 Simplified
yong4 jin4 Pinyin
to exhaust English to use up completely English

用膳 Traditional 用膳 Simplified
yong4 shan4 Pinyin
dine English

用處 Traditional 用处 Simplified
yong4 chu5 Pinyin
usefulness English

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