Character case, cover, wrapper, envelope Definition
TAO4 Pinyin tou3 Jyutping TOU On KASANERU OOI Kun Hangul THWU THO Korean

Traditional Simplified
tao4 Pinyin
cover English sheath English to encase English a case English to overlap English to interleave English bend (of a river or mountain range, in place names) English harness English classifier for sets, collections English tau (Greek letter Ττ) English

套中人 Traditional 套中人 Simplified
tao4 zhong1 ren2 Pinyin
a conservative English

套作 Traditional 套作 Simplified
tao4 zuo4 Pinyin
intercropping English growing several crops together English

套利 Traditional 套利 Simplified
tao4 li4 Pinyin
arbitrage English

套利者 Traditional 套利者 Simplified
tao4 li4 zhe3 Pinyin
arbitrager English

套包 Traditional 套包 Simplified
tao4 bao1 Pinyin
collar part of horse harness English

套取 Traditional 套取 Simplified
tao4 qu3 Pinyin
to acquire fraudulently English an illegal exchange English

套套 Traditional 套套 Simplified
tao4 tao5 Pinyin
methods English the old tricks English

套子 Traditional 套子 Simplified
tao4 zi5 Pinyin
cap English

套房 Traditional 套房 Simplified
tao4 fang2 Pinyin
suite English

套換 Traditional 套换 Simplified
tao4 huan4 Pinyin
to change (currency) illegally English fraudulent exchange English

套數 Traditional 套数 Simplified
tao4 shu4 Pinyin
song cycle in Chinese opera English fig. a series of tricks English polite remarks English

套曲 Traditional 套曲 Simplified
tao4 qu3 Pinyin
divertimento (music) English

套服 Traditional 套服 Simplified
tao4 fu2 Pinyin
a suit (of clothes) English

套用 Traditional 套用 Simplified
tao4 yong4 Pinyin
to copy a set pattern mechanically English to crib English

套疊 Traditional 套叠 Simplified
tao4 die2 Pinyin
overlapping English nesting English to interleave English

套種 Traditional 套种 Simplified
tao4 zhong4 Pinyin
one crop grown together with others English

套筒 Traditional 套筒 Simplified
tao4 tong3 Pinyin
sleeve English a tube for wrapping English

套管 Traditional 套管 Simplified
tao4 guan3 Pinyin
pipe casing English

套紅 Traditional 套红 Simplified
tao4 hong2 Pinyin
printing in red (e.g. a banner headline) English

套索 Traditional 套索 Simplified
tao4 suo3 Pinyin
a lasso English noose English

套結 Traditional 套结 Simplified
tao4 jie2 Pinyin
a noose English

套繩 Traditional 套绳 Simplified
tao4 sheng2 Pinyin
a lasso English

套衫 Traditional 套衫 Simplified
tao4 shan1 Pinyin
a pullover English

套衫兒 Traditional 套衫儿 Simplified
tao4 shan1 r5 Pinyin
a pullover English

套袖 Traditional 套袖 Simplified
tao4 xiu4 Pinyin
sleeve cover English

套裙 Traditional 套裙 Simplified
tao4 qun2 Pinyin
woman's suit English dress worn over a petticoat English

套裝 Traditional 套装 Simplified
tao4 zhuang1 Pinyin
outfit or suit (of clothes) English set of coordinated items English kit English

套褲 Traditional 套裤 Simplified
tao4 ku4 Pinyin
leggings English

套話 Traditional 套话 Simplified
tao4 hua4 Pinyin
polite talk English conventional greetings English

套語 Traditional 套语 Simplified
tao4 yu3 Pinyin
polite set phrases English

套购 Traditional 套购 Simplified
tao4 gou4 Pinyin
a fraudulent purchase English to buy up sth illegally English

套路 Traditional 套路 Simplified
tao4 lu4 Pinyin
a sequence of movements in martial arts English

套車 Traditional 套车 Simplified
tao4 che1 Pinyin
to harness (a horse to a cart) English

套鐘 Traditional 套钟 Simplified
tao4 zhong1 Pinyin
chime English

套間 Traditional 套间 Simplified
tao4 jian1 Pinyin
vestibule English small inner room (opening to others) English

套鞋 Traditional 套鞋 Simplified
tao4 xie2 Pinyin
overshoes English galoshes English

套馬 Traditional 套马 Simplified
tao4 ma3 Pinyin
to harness a horse English to lasso a horse English

套馬桿 Traditional 套马杆 Simplified
tao4 ma3 gan3 Pinyin
lasso on long wooden pole English

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