Character new branches growing (said of trees), hollow; empty Definition
YOU2 Pinyin zaau4 Jyutping

Character new feather; damp; moist and sticky, a thin-silk curtain Definition
LI2 Pinyin lei4 Jyutping liɛ Tang

お雑煮 Word 御雑煮 Word
おぞうに Reading
New Year dish Translation eng

お屠蘇 Word
おとそ Reading
New Year's sake Translation eng spiced sake Translation eng Toso Translation ger (mit Kräutern gewürzter Sake, der am Neujahrstag getrunken wird) Translation ger

ほやほや Reading
fresh Translation eng new Translation eng dampfende Hitze Translation ger dampfend heiß Translation ger ofenfrisch Translation ger ganz neu Translation ger ganz frisch Translation ger

ニュー Reading
new Translation eng newly purchased item Translation eng Ny Translation ger (13. Buchstabe des griech. Alphabets) Translation ger но́вый Translation rus нови́нка Translation rus

ニューアカデミズム Reading
new academism Translation eng
ニューアカ Crossref

ニューアダルト Reading
new adult Source Language eng person recently turned 20 Translation eng

ニューウェーブ Reading ニューウェーヴ Reading
new wave Translation eng

ニューシティー Reading
new city Translation eng

ニュージャージー Reading
New Jersey Translation eng {Gebietsn.} New Jersey Translation ger (Bundesstaat der USA Translation ger Abk.: N. J.) Translation ger

ニュージャズ Reading
new jazz Translation eng

ニューセラミックス Reading
new ceramics Translation eng Feinkeramik Translation ger

ニュータイプ Reading
new type Translation eng

ニュータウン Reading
new town Translation eng neue Stadt Translation ger neuer Stadtteil Translation ger Trabantenstadt Translation ger

ニュートラ Reading
new traditional Translation eng

ニュートラッド Reading
new traditional Translation eng

ニューハンプシャー Reading
New Hampshire Translation eng {Gebietsn.} New Hampshire Translation ger (Bundesstaat der USA Translation ger Abk: N.H.) Translation ger

ニューファッション Reading
new fashion Translation eng

ニューフェース Reading
new face Translation eng Debütant Translation ger neuer Star Translation ger neuer Name Translation ger

ニューフロンティア Reading
new frontier Translation eng

ニュープアー Reading
new poor Translation eng

ニューベジネス Reading
new business Translation eng

ニューボイス Reading
new voice Translation eng

ニューメキシコ Reading
New Mexico Translation eng {Gebietsn.} New Mexico Translation ger (Bundesstaat der USA Translation ger Abk: N.M.) Translation ger

ニューメディア Reading
new media Translation eng neue Medien Translation ger

ニューモード Reading
new mode Translation eng

ニューヨーク Reading
New York Translation eng {Stadtn.} New York Translation ger New York City Translation ger Нью Йорк Translation rus

ニューヨーク州 Word
ニューヨークしゅう Reading
New York State Translation eng {Gebietsn.} New York Translation ger (Bundesstaat der USA Translation ger Abk: N.Y.) Translation ger

ニューリーダー Reading
new leader Translation eng

ニューリアリズム Reading
new realism Translation eng

ニュールック Reading
new look Translation eng New Look Translation ger

ニューレフト Reading
new left Translation eng Neue Linke Translation ger

ニューローラー Reading
new roller Translation eng

ヌーベルバーグ Reading ヌーヴェルヴァーグ Reading
New Wave (esp. in cinema) Translation eng Nouvelle Vague Translation ger neue Strömung Translation ger (z.B. im Film) Translation ger Nouvelle Vague Source Language fre

一機軸 Word
いちきじく Reading
new method Translation eng

一新紀元 Word
いっしんきげん Reading いちしんきげん Reading
new era Translation eng new age Translation eng neues Zeitalter Translation ger

賀状 Word
がじょう Reading
new year's card Translation eng Gratulationsschreiben Translation ger Glückwunschschreiben Translation ger (insbes.) Translation ger Neujahrskarte Translation ger Neujahrsgruß Translation ger carte de nouvelle an Translation fre

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