Character polished rice Definition
QIONG2 Pinyin kung4 Jyutping

Character polished rice; refined rice Definition
zing1 Jyutping

Character polished rice or millet Definition
BAI4 Pinyin baai6 bai6 Jyutping HAI HA BA BE On SHIRAGEYONE Kun

上品 Word
じょうひん Reading
elegant Translation eng refined Translation eng polished Translation eng Feinheit Translation ger Eleganz Translation ger Anmut Translation ger Kultiviertheit Translation ger Raffiniertheit Translation ger Vornehmheit Translation ger élégant Translation fre distingué Translation fre galant Translation fre raffiné Translation fre

精米 Word
せいまい Reading
polished rice Translation eng polierter Reis Translation ger (m) Translation ger \\ Reispolieren Translation ger (n) Translation ger

精麦 Word
せいばく Reading
polished barley or wheat Translation eng polierte Gerste oder Weizen Translation ger

技巧的 Word
ぎこうてき Reading
technically accomplished Translation eng technical Translation eng polished Translation eng

江米 Traditional 江米 Simplified
jiang1 mi3 Pinyin
polished glutinous rice English

Traditional Simplified
piao4 Pinyin
elegant English polished English

Traditional Simplified
bai4 Pinyin
polished rice English

yu4 Reading Pinyin イク Reading On あや Reading Kun ug Reading Korean
refined Meaning cultured Meaning polished Meaning

bai4 Reading Pinyin ハイ Reading On Reading On Reading On しらげよね Reading Kun
polished rice or millet Meaning

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