Character surname of the mother of Mencius Definition
ZHANG3 Pinyin zoeng2 Jyutping SHOU On kẻ Viet

Character palm of hand, sole of foot, paw Definition
ZHANG3 Pinyin zoeng2 Jyutping SHOU On TANAGOKORO TSUKASADORU Kun Hangul CANG Korean *jiɑ̌ng Tang

Character rise in price Definition
ZHANG3 ZHANG4 Pinyin zoeng2 zoeng3 Jyutping
U+6F32 Traditional

Character rise in price Definition
ZHANG3 ZHANG4 ZHANG1 Pinyin zoeng2 zoeng3 Jyutping CHOU On MINAGIRU Kun Hangul CHANG Korean dzhiɑ̀ng Tang trướng Viet
U+6DA8 Simplified

ZHANG3 Pinyin

Character the piece of leather used for soles on Chinese shoes; a patch Definition
ZHANG3 Pinyin zoeng2 Jyutping
U+7DD4 U+979D Traditional U+7DD4 Variant

Traditional Simplified
zhang3 Pinyin
mother English surname of Mencius English

Traditional Simplified
zhang3 Pinyin
in charge of English palm of hand English

掌嘴 Traditional 掌嘴 Simplified
zhang3 zui3 Pinyin
to slap English

掌廚 Traditional 掌厨 Simplified
zhang3 chu2 Pinyin
to prepare meals English chef English

掌控 Traditional 掌控 Simplified
zhang3 kong4 Pinyin
to control English in control of English

掌握電腦 Traditional 掌握电脑 Simplified
zhang3 wo4 dian4 nao3 Pinyin
PDA English Personal Digital Assistant English

掌擊 Traditional 掌击 Simplified
zhang3 ji1 Pinyin
slap English

掌故 Traditional 掌故 Simplified
zhang3 gu4 Pinyin
anecdote English tales (esp. about historical figure) English

掌櫃 Traditional 掌柜 Simplified
zhang3 gui4 Pinyin
shopkeeper English

掌權 Traditional 掌权 Simplified
zhang3 quan2 Pinyin
to wield (political etc) power English be in power English

掌管 Traditional 掌管 Simplified
zhang3 guan3 Pinyin
in charge of English to control English

掌聲 Traditional 掌声 Simplified
zhang3 sheng1 Pinyin
applause English

掌舵 Traditional 掌舵 Simplified
zhang3 duo4 Pinyin
to steer (a ship) English

Traditional Simplified
zhang3 Pinyin
to rise (of prices, rivers) English

漲價 Traditional 涨价 Simplified
zhang3 jia4 Pinyin
to appreciate (in value) English to increase in price English

漲到 Traditional 涨到 Simplified
zhang3 dao4 Pinyin
to go up English to rise English

漲勢 Traditional 涨势 Simplified
zhang3 shi4 Pinyin
rising trend English upward momentum (e.g. in prices) English

漲水 Traditional 涨水 Simplified
zhang3 shui3 Pinyin
rise of water level English

漲潮 Traditional 涨潮 Simplified
zhang3 chao2 Pinyin
high tide English rising tide English

漲落 Traditional 涨落 Simplified
zhang3 luo4 Pinyin
rise and fall English

漲跌 Traditional 涨跌 Simplified
zhang3 die1 Pinyin
rise or fall in price English

漲錢 Traditional 涨钱 Simplified
zhang3 qian2 Pinyin
inflation English salary raise English

漲風 Traditional 涨风 Simplified
zhang3 feng1 Pinyin
upward trend (in prices) English

Traditional Simplified
zhang3 Pinyin
chief English head English elder English to grow English to develop English

長兄 Traditional 长兄 Simplified
zhang3 xiong1 Pinyin
eldest brother English

長出 Traditional 长出 Simplified
zhang3 chu1 Pinyin
grow out English bring forth English

長大 Traditional 长大 Simplified
zhang3 da4 Pinyin
to grow up English

長姊 Traditional 长姊 Simplified
zhang3 zi3 Pinyin
older sister English

長子 Traditional 长子 Simplified
zhang3 zi3 Pinyin
eldest son English

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