おんな Reading
woman Translation eng Frau Translation ger Dame Translation ger Fräulein Translation ger Frauenzimmer Translation ger Weib Translation ger Weibsbild Translation ger schöne Geschlecht Translation ger Geliebte Translation ger Mädchen Translation ger Freundin Translation ger femme Translation fre женщина Translation rus

恩納 Word
おんな Reading Onna Romaji

恩名 Word
おんな Reading Onna Romaji

nu:3 Reading Pinyin ru3 Reading Pinyin ジョ Reading On ニョ Reading On ニョウ Reading On おんな Reading Kun Reading Kun おな Nanori Nanori つき Nanori Nanori nyeo Reading Korean yeo Reading Korean Reading Korean Reading Korean
woman Meaning female Meaning femme Meaning fr féminin Meaning fr femenino Meaning es mujer Meaning es mulher Meaning pt fêmea Meaning pt

wu2 Reading Pinyin Reading On ギョ Reading On おんな Reading Kun

女遊び Word
おんなあそび Reading
womanizing Translation eng

女主 Word
おんなあるじ Reading
female owner Translation eng proprietress Translation eng landlady Translation eng Hausherrin Translation ger Wirtin Translation ger

恩愛 Word
おんあい Reading おんない Reading
kindness and affection Translation eng love Translation eng (schriftspr.) Translation ger Liebe Translation ger Anhänglichkeit Translation ger Zuneigung Translation ger Güte und Liebe Translation ger привя́занность Translation rus любо́вь Translation rus

女石 Word
おんないし Reading Onnaishi Romaji

大隣岳 Word
おんないだけ Reading Onnaidake Romaji

女一般 Word
おんないっぱん Reading
women in general Translation eng

女運 Word
おんなうん Reading
luck with women Translation eng

女帯 Word
おんなおび Reading
women's kimono sash Translation eng
男帯 Crossref

女親 Word
おんなおや Reading
female parent Translation eng Mutter Translation ger

女顔 Word
おんながお Reading
feminine features Translation eng having a girl's face (for a man) Translation eng girly face Translation eng

女歌舞伎 Word
おんなかぶき Reading
girls' kabuki Translation eng

女川 Word
おんながわ Reading Onnagawa Romaji

女気 Word
おんなぎ Reading
feminine spirit Translation eng graceful and kind nature Translation eng

女嫌い Word
おんなぎらい Reading
misogyny Translation eng Frauenhass Translation ger Misogynie Translation ger Frauenhasser Translation ger Misogyn Translation ger женоненави́стник Translation rus

女癖 Word
おんなぐせ Reading
philandering Translation eng Schürzenjagd Translation ger

女狂い Word
おんなぐるい Reading
girl crazy Translation eng Vernarrtheit Translation ger (in Frauen) Translation ger

女気 Word
おんなけ Reading おんなっけ Reading
female presence Translation eng Atmosphäre der Anwesenheit einer Frau Translation ger

女心 Word
おんなごころ Reading
woman's heart Translation eng female instincts or psychology Translation eng Frauenherz Translation ger subtile Herz einer Frau Translation ger Laune einer Frau Translation ger же́нское се́рдце Translation rus же́нская психоло́гия Translation rus

女子供 Word
おんなこども Reading
women and children Translation eng же́нщины и де́ти Translation rus

女殺し Word
おんなごろし Reading
lady-killer (i.e. a man who is popular with women) Translation eng knocking a woman dead (with sex appeal) Translation eng murderer of women Translation eng murder of women Translation eng Mord an einer Frau Translation ger Frauenmörder Translation ger Ladykiller Translation ger

同じ Word
おなじ Reading おんなじ Reading
same Translation eng identical Translation eng equal Translation eng uniform Translation eng equivalent Translation eng similar Translation eng common (origin) Translation eng changeless Translation eng alike Translation eng (usu. part of a 'nara' conditional) anyway Translation eng anyhow Translation eng in either case Translation eng gleich Translation ger derselbe Translation ger dieselbe Translation ger dasselbe Translation ger nämlich Translation ger identisch Translation ger gleich Translation ger ähnlich Translation ger "la même chose" Translation fre égal Translation fre équivalent Translation fre identique Translation fre pareil Translation fre similaire Translation fre uniforme Translation fre одинаковый Translation rus тот же Translation rus

女自身 Word
おんなじしん Reading
herself Translation eng

女主人 Word
おんなしゅじん Reading
mistress (of the house) Translation eng hostess Translation eng landlady Translation eng proprietress Translation eng

女好き Word
おんなずき Reading
fondness for women Translation eng woman admirer Translation eng lustful man Translation eng spoony Translation eng Liebe von Frauen Translation ger Freund der Frauen Translation ger Leidenschaft für Liebschaften Translation ger

女相撲 Word
おんなずもう Reading
female sumo wrestling Translation eng female sumo wrestler Translation eng

恩納村 Word
おんなそん Reading Onnason Romaji

女平 Word
おんなだいら Reading Onnadaira Romaji

恩納岳 Word
おんなだけ Reading Onnadake Romaji

女達 Word
おんなたち Reading
women Translation eng womenfolks Translation eng Frauen Translation ger Damen Translation ger

女舘 Word
おんなだて Reading Onnadate Romaji

女だてらに Word
おんなだてらに Reading
unlike a woman Translation eng unwomanly Translation eng woman that she is Translation eng obwohl sie eine Frau ist Translation ger

恩納ダム Word
おんなダム Reading Onna dam Romaji

女垂らし Word 女誑し Word
おんなたらし Reading
guy who knows how to play the ladies Translation eng skillful playboy Translation eng lady-killer Translation eng philanderer Translation eng Don Juan Translation eng Schürzenjäger Translation ger Ladykiller Translation ger Frauenheld Translation ger Verführen von Frauen Translation ger

女乢 Word
おんなだわ Reading Onnadawa Romaji

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