Character female phoenix Definition
HUANG2 Pinyin wong4 Jyutping KOU OU On OOTORI Kun Hangul HWANG Korean *huɑng huɑng Tang

Character female sheep, ewe Definition
ZANG1 Pinyin zong1 Jyutping SOU ZOU On MEHITSUJI Kun Hangul CANG Korean

Character female of species; deep gorge Definition
PIN4 Pinyin pan5 Jyutping HIN On MESU Kun Hangul PIN Korean

Character female mandarin duck (Aix galericulata) Definition
YANG1 Pinyin joeng1 Jyutping YOU OU On OSHIDORI Kun Hangul ANG Korean *qiɑng Tang ương Viet
U+9E2F Simplified

Character female mandarin duck (Aix galericulata) Definition
YANG1 Pinyin joeng1 Jyutping
U+9D26 Traditional

Character female deer; roe, doe Definition
YOU1 Pinyin jau1 Jyutping YUU YU On MEJIKA Kun Hangul WU Korean

Character female of Chinese unicorn Definition
LIN2 Pinyin

Character female of Chinese unicorn Definition
LIN2 Pinyin leon4 Jyutping RIN On Hangul LIN Korean *lin Tang lân Viet
U+F9F3 Variant

Character female of Chinese unicorn Definition
Hangul IN Korean
U+9E9F Variant U+9E9F Variant

お鍋 Word 御鍋 Word
おなべ Reading
pot Translation eng typical name for a female servant in the Edo-period Translation eng working at night Translation eng female with symptoms of gender identity disorder (i.e. a transvestite) Translation eng Topf Translation ger Kochtopf Translation ger Pfanne Translation ger Kessel Translation ger Nabe Translation ger (höfl.) Translation ger {weibl. Vorname} Onabe \\ Translation ger (übertr.) Translation ger Magd Translation ger Dienstmädchen Translation ger ("Onabe" war in der Edo-Zeit ein typischer Name für Dienstmädchen) Translation ger Nachtarbeit Translation ger

お祖母さん Word お婆さん Word 御祖母さん Word 御婆さん Word
おばあさん Reading
grandmother Translation eng female senior-citizen Translation eng alte Frau Translation ger Greisin Translation ger femme âgée Translation fre grand'mère Translation fre ба́бушка Translation rus
祖母さん Crossref

オフィスレディー Reading オフィスレディ Reading
office lady Source Language eng female office worker Translation eng OL Translation eng Büroangestellte Translation ger OL Translation ger

ママ Reading
Mama Translation eng female proprietress (of a bar, etc.) Translation eng (schriftspr.) Translation ger öfters Translation ger manchmal Translation ger bisweilen Translation ger maman Translation fre

Word Word Word Word
たま Reading
ball Translation eng sphere Translation eng globe Translation eng orb Translation eng bead (of sweat, dew, etc.) Translation eng drop Translation eng droplet Translation eng ball (in sports) Translation eng pile (of noodles, etc.) Translation eng bullet Translation eng bulb (i.e. a light bulb) Translation eng ens (of glasses, etc.) Translation eng bead (of an abacus) Translation eng ball (i.e. a testicle) Translation eng egg Translation eng gem Translation eng jewel (esp. spherical; sometimes used figuratively) Translation eng pearl Translation eng female entertainer (e.g. a geisha) Translation eng person (when commenting on their nature) Translation eng character Translation eng item, funds or person used as part of a plot Translation eng coin Translation eng precious Translation eng beautiful Translation eng excellent Translation eng Ball Translation ger Kugel Translation ger {Baseb.} Wurf Translation ger Ball Translation ger Glühbirne Translation ger Juwel Translation ger Edelstein Translation ger Perle Translation ger Nudelnest Translation ger schöne Frau Translation ger balle Translation fre joyau Translation fre sphère Translation fre
金玉・きんたま Crossref

腰元 Word
こしもと Reading
chamber maid Translation eng female servant Translation eng Kammerzofe Translation ger Zofe Translation ger Kammerfräulein Translation ger Kammermädchen Translation ger

市子 Word
いちこ Reading
sorceress Translation eng medium Translation eng female fortuneteller Translation eng Nekromantie Translation ger Geisterbeschwörung Translation ger Spiritismus Translation ger Medium Translation ger

めす Reading
female (animal) Translation eng Weibchen Translation ger (bei Tieren) Translation ger femelle Translation fre самка Translation rus

雌花 Word
めばな Reading
female flower Translation eng {Bot.} weibliche Blüte Translation ger fleur femelle Translation fre

雌犬 Word 牝犬 Word
めすいぬ Reading めいぬ Reading
bitch Translation eng female dog Translation eng {Zool.} Hündin Translation ger chienne Translation fre

雌性 Word
しせい Reading
female Translation eng

雌ねじ Word 雌螺子 Word 雌捻子 Word
めねじ Reading
female screw Translation eng Schraubenmutter Translation ger Mutter Translation ger
雄螺子 Crossref

女囚 Word
じょしゅう Reading
female prisoner Translation eng Gefangene Translation ger weiblicher Häftling Translation ger femme prisonnier Translation fre prisonnière Translation fre

女親 Word
おんなおや Reading
female parent Translation eng Mutter Translation ger

女性 Word
じょせい Reading
woman Translation eng female Translation eng feminine gender Translation eng Frau Translation ger weibliche Person Translation ger weibliches Wesen Translation ger Weiblichkeit Translation ger weibliche Geschlecht Translation ger {Gramm.} Femininum Translation ger de sexe féminin Translation fre femme Translation fre le sexe féminin Translation fre же́нщина Translation rus

女性器 Word
じょせいき Reading
female genitalia Translation eng weibliche Geschlechtsorgane Translation ger

女性像 Word
じょせいぞう Reading
female image Translation eng Frauenbild Translation ger

女声 Word
じょせい Reading
female voice Translation eng {Mus.} weibliche Stimme Translation ger Frauenstimme Translation ger

女装 Word
じょそう Reading
female clothing Translation eng wearing female clothing Translation eng Verkleidung als Frau Translation ger Tragen von Frauenkleidern Translation ger

女中 Word
じょちゅう Reading
maid Translation eng female servant Translation eng Dienstmädchen Translation ger Zimmermädchen Translation ger Kellnerin Translation ger domestique Translation fre servante Translation fre

女房 Word
にょうぼう Reading
wife Translation eng court lady Translation eng female court attache Translation eng woman who served at the imperial palace Translation eng (eigene) Translation ger Ehefrau Translation ger (f) Translation ger bessere Hälfte Translation ger (früher) Translation ger Hofdame Translation ger (mon) épouse Translation fre

潮吹き Word
しおふき Reading
spouting (e.g. of a whale, geyser, etc.) Translation eng thin-shelled surf clam Translation eng female ejaculation Translation eng Luftausblasen eines Wals Translation ger

Word Word Word
まめ Reading
legume (esp. edible legumes or their seeds, such as beans, peas, pulses, etc.) Translation eng beans Translation eng peas Translation eng soya bean (soybean) Translation eng soy (Glycine max) Translation eng female genitalia (esp. the clitoris) Translation eng kidney Translation eng miniature Translation eng tiny Translation eng child Translation eng haricots Translation fre pois Translation fre
大豆 Crossref

醜女 Word
しゅうじょ Reading しこめ Reading ぶおんな Reading ぶす Reading ブス Reading
homely woman Translation eng plain-looking woman Translation eng female demon Translation eng hässliche Frau Translation ger Art weiblicher Dämon aus dem Totenreich Translation ger femme laide Translation fre

牝鳥 Word 牝鶏 Word 雌鳥 Word 雌鶏 Word
めんどり Reading
female bird Translation eng hen Translation eng

婆さん Word 祖母さん Word
ばあさん Reading
grandmother Translation eng female senior citizen Translation eng grand-mère Translation fre
お祖母さん Crossref

女手 Word
おんなで Reading
female labor Translation eng female labour Translation eng hiragana Translation eng womans handwriting Translation eng woman in a family Translation eng Frauenhandschrift Translation ger Hiragana Translation ger weibliche Arbeitskraft Translation ger

女気 Word
おんなけ Reading おんなっけ Reading
female presence Translation eng Atmosphäre der Anwesenheit einer Frau Translation ger

女子大生 Word
じょしだいせい Reading
female college student Translation eng Studentin Translation ger студе́нтка Translation rus

女子学生 Word
じょしがくせい Reading
female student Translation eng Studentin Translation ger учени́ца Translation rus студе́нтка Translation rus

女工 Word
じょこう Reading
female factory worker Translation eng Fabrikarbeiterin Translation ger

女心 Word
おんなごころ Reading
woman's heart Translation eng female instincts or psychology Translation eng Frauenherz Translation ger subtile Herz einer Frau Translation ger Laune einer Frau Translation ger же́нское се́рдце Translation rus же́нская психоло́гия Translation rus

女主 Word
おんなあるじ Reading
female owner Translation eng proprietress Translation eng landlady Translation eng Hausherrin Translation ger Wirtin Translation ger

女系 Word
じょけい Reading にょけい Reading
female line Translation eng matrilinear Translation eng weibliche Linie Translation ger (der Verwandtschaft) Translation ger

織女 Word
しょくじょ Reading
female weaver Translation eng Vega Translation eng (schriftspr.) Textilarbeiterin Translation ger {Astron.} Wega Translation ger (Stern 1. Größe im Sternbild Leier Translation ger Abk.) Translation ger

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