Character elder sister, young lady Definition
JIE3 Pinyin ze2 Jyutping SO SHA On ANE ANEGO Kun Hangul CE Korean thư Viet

JIE3 Pinyin SO On chửa Viet

Character a kind of oak Definition
JIE3 XIE4 Pinyin gaai2 haai5 Jyutping KAI GE On MATSUYANI Kun

Character loosen, unfasten, untie; explain Definition
JIE3 JIE4 XIE4 Pinyin gaai2 gaai3 haai6 Jyutping KAI GE On TOKU TOKERU SATORU Kun Hangul HAY KAY Korean *gɛ̌i Tang giải Viet
U+89E7 Variant

Character loosen, unfasten, untie; explain Definition
JIE3 Pinyin gaai2 Jyutping KAI GE On TOKU Kun
U+89E3 Variant

JIE3 Pinyin

Traditional Simplified
jie3 Pinyin
Japanese variant of English older sister English

Traditional Simplified
zi3 Pinyin jie3 Taiwan
older sister English

Traditional Simplified
jie3 Pinyin
older sister English

姐夫 Traditional 姐夫 Simplified
jie3 fu5 Pinyin
(informal) older sister's husband English

姐妹 Traditional 姐妹 Simplified
jie3 mei4 Pinyin
sisters English

姐妹倆 Traditional 姐妹俩 Simplified
Jie3 mei4 lia3 Pinyin
The Sisters (short story) English

姐姐 Traditional 姐姐 Simplified
jie3 jie5 Pinyin
older sister English

Traditional Simplified
jie3 Pinyin
mother English

Traditional Simplified
jie3 Pinyin
to divide English to break up English to split English to separate English to dissolve English to solve English to melt English to remove English to untie English to loosen English to open English to emancipate English to explain English to understand English to know English a solution English a dissection English

解乏 Traditional 解乏 Simplified
jie3 fa2 Pinyin
to relieve tiredness English to freshen up English

解僱 Traditional 解雇 Simplified
jie3 gu4 Pinyin
to fire English to sack English to dismiss English

解免 Traditional 解免 Simplified
jie3 mian3 Pinyin
to avoid (difficulties) English to open up a siege English

解凍 Traditional 解冻 Simplified
jie3 dong4 Pinyin
to melt English to thaw English to defrost English fig. to relax (repression, enmity etc) English

解剖 Traditional 解剖 Simplified
jie3 pou1 Pinyin
to dissect (an animal) English to analyze English anatomy English

解剖學 Traditional 解剖学 Simplified
jie3 pou1 xue2 Pinyin
anatomy English

解剖室 Traditional 解剖室 Simplified
jie3 pou1 shi4 Pinyin
a dissecting room English

解勸 Traditional 解劝 Simplified
jie3 quan4 Pinyin
to soothe English to pacify English to mollify English to mediate (in a dispute etc) English

解吸 Traditional 解吸 Simplified
jie3 xi1 Pinyin
to de-absorb English to get a chemical out of solution English

解和 Traditional 解和 Simplified
jie3 he2 Pinyin
to mediate (in a conflict) English to pacify English

解圍 Traditional 解围 Simplified
jie3 wei2 Pinyin
to lift a siege English to help sb out of trouble or embarrassment English

解壓縮 Traditional 解压缩 Simplified
jie3 ya1 suo1 Pinyin
to decompress English decompression (esp. computer) English

解密 Traditional 解密 Simplified
jie3 mi4 Pinyin
to declassify English

解寒 Traditional 解寒 Simplified
jie3 han2 Pinyin
to relieve cold English

解封 Traditional 解封 Simplified
jie3 feng1 Pinyin
to lift a ban English

解悟 Traditional 解悟 Simplified
jie3 wu4 Pinyin
to dispel doubts English

解悶 Traditional 解闷 Simplified
jie3 men4 Pinyin
to relieve boredom or melancholy English a diversion English

解惑 Traditional 解惑 Simplified
jie3 huo4 Pinyin
to dispel doubts English to clear up confusion English

解愁 Traditional 解愁 Simplified
jie3 chou2 Pinyin
to relieve melancholy English

解手 Traditional 解手 Simplified
jie3 shou3 Pinyin
to relieve oneself (i.e. use the toilet) English to solve English

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