Character a small steelyard for weighing money, etc. Definition
DENG3 Pinyin dang2 dang6 Jyutping

Character law, commandments, regulations; (Cant.) to throw Definition
ZHENG3 Pinyin deng3 Jyutping TOU TEI JOU On OKITE Kun Hangul CENG Korean

Character kwukyel: rank, grade; wait; equal; 'etc.' Definition
U+7B49 Variant

Character anchor; (Cant.) a place Definition
DING4 Pinyin deng3 ding3 Jyutping TEI On IKARI Kun

Character rank, grade; wait; equal; 'etc.' Definition
DENG3 Pinyin dang2 Jyutping TOU On HITOSHII NADO RA Kun Hangul TUNG Korean *də̌ng Tang đẳng Viet
U+6729 Variant

Traditional Simplified
deng3 Pinyin
small steelyard for weighing money English

Traditional Simplified
deng3 Pinyin
class English rank English grade English equal to English same as English to wait for English to await English et cetera English and so on English et al. (and other authors) English after English as soon as English once English

等一下 Traditional 等一下 Simplified
deng3 yi1 xia4 Pinyin
Wait a moment! English

等一會 Traditional 等一会 Simplified
deng3 yi1 hui4 Pinyin
Wait a moment! English after a while English

等一等 Traditional 等一等 Simplified
deng3 yi1 deng3 Pinyin
wait a moment English

等候 Traditional 等候 Simplified
deng3 hou4 Pinyin
waiting English

等值 Traditional 等值 Simplified
deng3 zhi2 Pinyin
of equal value English

等價 Traditional 等价 Simplified
deng3 jia4 Pinyin
equal English equal in value English equivalent English

等分 Traditional 等分 Simplified
deng3 fen1 Pinyin
division into equal parts English equipartition English

等到 Traditional 等到 Simplified
deng3 dao4 Pinyin
wait until English by the time when (sth is ready etc) English

等同 Traditional 等同 Simplified
deng3 tong2 Pinyin
to equate English equal to English

等周 Traditional 等周 Simplified
deng3 zhou1 Pinyin
isoperimetric English

等壓 Traditional 等压 Simplified
deng3 ya1 Pinyin
constant pressure English equal pressure English

等壓線 Traditional 等压线 Simplified
deng3 ya1 xian4 Pinyin
isobar (line of equal pressure) English

等差 Traditional 等差 Simplified
deng3 cha1 Pinyin
degree of disparity English equal difference English

等式 Traditional 等式 Simplified
deng3 shi4 Pinyin
an equality English an equation English

等待 Traditional 等待 Simplified
deng3 dai4 Pinyin
wait for English await English

等於 Traditional 等于 Simplified
deng3 yu2 Pinyin
to equal English to be tantamount to English

等比數列 Traditional 等比数列 Simplified
deng3 bi3 shu4 lie4 Pinyin
geometric progression English

等溫 Traditional 等温 Simplified
deng3 wen1 Pinyin
constant temperature English equal temperature English

等熵線 Traditional 等熵线 Simplified
deng3 shang1 xian4 Pinyin
isentropic curve (physics}) English

等第 Traditional 等第 Simplified
deng3 di4 Pinyin
level English rank English grade English rating English

等等 Traditional 等等 Simplified
deng3 deng3 Pinyin
etcetera English and so on .. English wait a minute! English hold on! English

等級 Traditional 等级 Simplified
deng3 ji2 Pinyin
degree English rate English

等級制度 Traditional 等级制度 Simplified
deng3 ji2 zhi4 du4 Pinyin
hierarchy English

等著瞧 Traditional 等着瞧 Simplified
deng3 zhe5 qiao2 Pinyin
wait and see (who is right) English

等距 Traditional 等距 Simplified
deng3 ju4 Pinyin
equidistant English

等離子體 Traditional 等离子体 Simplified
deng3 li2 zi3 ti3 Pinyin
plasma (physics) English

Traditional Simplified
deng3 Pinyin
(auf etwas oder jemanden) warten (u.E.) (V) Deutsch

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