Character insertion point in acupuncture; acupoint Definition
YU2 SHU4 Pinyin syu6 Jyutping SHU YU On

加除 Word
かじょ Reading
insertion and deletion Translation eng Hinzufügung und Streichung Translation ger

掲載 Word
けいさい Reading
publication (e.g. article in paper) Translation eng appearance Translation eng insertion Translation eng to insert (e.g. an article) Translation eng to run (e.g. in a newspaper) Translation eng Veröffentlichung Translation ger Publizierung Translation ger insertion Translation fre parution Translation fre

実装 Word
じっそう Reading
package Translation eng implementation Translation eng mounting Translation eng insertion (of equipment) Translation eng {EDV} Implementierung Translation ger

組み込み Word 組込み Word 組込 Word
くみこみ Reading
cut-in (printing) Translation eng insertion Translation eng inclusion Translation eng built-in Translation eng predefined Translation eng embedded (e.g. software) Translation eng {EDV} Installation Translation ger

挿入 Word
そうにゅう Reading
insertion Translation eng incorporation Translation eng infixing Translation eng Einschiebung Translation ger Einfügung Translation ger emboîtage Translation fre incorporation Translation fre insertion Translation fre

折り込み Word 折込 Word
おりこみ Reading
foldout Translation eng insertion Translation eng Beilage Translation ger (zu einer Zeitung) Translation ger Reklamebeilage Translation ger Beilegen Translation ger

嵌め込み Word はめ込み Word
はめこみ Reading
insertion Translation eng inlaying Translation eng immersion Translation eng Einfügung Translation ger etw. Eingefügtes Translation ger

差し入れ Word 差入れ Word
さしいれ Reading
insertion Translation eng letter drop Translation eng things sent to a prisoner Translation eng supply of provisions, refreshments, etc. to someone carrying out a task Translation eng Hineinstecken Translation ger Hineinlegen Translation ger Geschenk für Gefangene Translation ger Geschenk Translation ger

挿抜 Word
そうばつ Reading
insertion Translation eng extraction Translation eng

差し込み Word 差込 Word
さしこみ Reading
insertion Translation eng plug Translation eng (electrical) outlet Translation eng power point Translation eng spasm of pain Translation eng griping pain Translation eng (fit of) convulsions Translation eng stitch Translation eng Stecken Translation ger Hineinstecken Translation ger Hineinlegen Translation ger Krampf Translation ger Kolik Translation ger Anfall Translation ger Steckdose Translation ger Stecker Translation ger Steckkontakt Translation ger

挿入点 Word
そうにゅうてん Reading
insertion point Translation eng

インサーション Reading
insertion Translation eng

插入因子 Traditional 插入因子 Simplified
cha1 ru4 yin1 zi3 Pinyin
insertion element English

Traditional Simplified
shu4 Pinyin
insertion point in acupuncture English acupoint English

jie1 Reading Pinyin ケイ Reading On かか.げる Reading Kun ge Reading Korean gal Reading Korean geol Reading Korean Reading Korean Reading Korean Reading Korean
put up (a notice) Meaning put up Meaning hoist Meaning display Meaning hang out Meaning publish Meaning describe Meaning afficher Meaning fr hisser (drapeau) Meaning fr insertion Meaning fr cité (ci-dessus) Meaning fr faire paraître Meaning fr publier Meaning fr décrire Meaning fr colgar Meaning es levantar Meaning es alzar Meaning es exhibir Meaning es publicar Meaning es colocar (um aviso) Meaning pt propor Meaning pt alçar Meaning pt mostrar Meaning pt pendurar Meaning pt publicar Meaning pt descrever Meaning pt

插入排序 Traditional 插入排序 Simplified
cha1 ru4 pai2 xu4 Pinyin
Insertionsort (u.E.) Deutsch

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