ぎょう Reading
line (i.e. of text) Translation eng row Translation eng verse Translation eng carya (austerities) Translation eng samskara (formations) Translation eng running script (a semi-cursive style of kanji) Translation eng Zeile Translation ger Zählwort für Zeilen Translation ger Askese Translation ger Selbstkasteiung Translation ger Kasteiung Translation ger verset Translation fre colonne Translation fre ligne Translation fre линия Translation rus ряд Translation rus
行書 Crossref

こう Reading
going Translation eng travelling (traveling) Translation eng district (of similar merchants) Translation eng guild Translation eng epic Translation eng

Radical Radical
go, do Meaning

あきら Reading Akira Romaji

あるき Reading Aruki Romaji

あん Reading An Romaji

いき Reading Iki Romaji

いく Reading Iku Romaji

いたる Reading Itaru Romaji

ぎょう Reading Gyou Romaji

ぎょうとく Reading Gyoutoku Romaji

こう Reading Kou Romaji

すすむ Reading Susumu Romaji

つとむ Reading Tsutomu Romaji

つよし Reading Tsuyoshi Romaji

とおる Reading Tooru Romaji

なめかた Reading Namekata Romaji

なめき Reading Nameki Romaji

まこと Reading Makoto Romaji

みち Reading Michi Romaji

ゆき Reading Yuki Romaji

ゆきむね Reading Yukimune Romaji

ゆくえ Reading Yukue Romaji

Traditional Simplified
hang2 Pinyin
a row English series English age order (of brothers) English profession English professional English relating to company English

Traditional Simplified
xing2 Pinyin
to walk English to go English to travel English a visit English temporary English makeshift English current English in circulation English to do English to perform English capable English competent English effective English all right English OK! English will do English

Traditional Simplified
xing4 Pinyin
behavior English conduct English

xing2 Reading Pinyin hang2 Reading Pinyin hang4 Reading Pinyin xing4 Reading Pinyin コウ Reading On ギョウ Reading On アン Reading On . Reading Kun . Reading Kun -ゆ. Reading Kun -ゆき Reading Kun -い. Reading Kun -いき Reading Kun おこな. Reading Kun おこ.なう Reading Kun いく Nanori なみ Nanori なめ Nanori みち Nanori ゆき Nanori ゆく Nanori haeng Reading Korean hang Reading Korean Reading Korean Reading Korean
going Meaning journey Meaning aller Meaning fr voyage Meaning fr ir Meaning es fila Meaning es línea (texto) Meaning es ocurrencia Meaning es conducta Meaning es realizar Meaning es llevar a cabo Meaning es ocurrir Meaning es ir Meaning pt viagem Meaning pt viajar Meaning pt

詩句 Traditional 诗句 Simplified
shi1 ju4 Pinyin
verse English

行い Word 行ない Word
おこない Reading
deed Translation eng act Translation eng action Translation eng conduct Translation eng behavior Translation eng behaviour Translation eng asceticism Translation eng Handlung Translation ger Tat Translation ger Tun Translation ger Akt Translation ger Handlung Translation ger Handeln Translation ger Benehmen Translation ger Auftreten Translation ger Manieren Translation ger Verhalten Translation ger

行う Word 行なう Word
おこなう Reading
to perform Translation eng to do Translation eng to conduct oneself Translation eng to carry out Translation eng durchführen Translation ger handeln Translation ger sich benehmen Translation ger ausüben Translation ger ausführen Translation ger halten Translation ger tun Translation ger erfüllen Translation ger bewerkstelligen Translation ger vollziehen Translation ger abhalten Translation ger feiern Translation ger accomplir Translation fre faire Translation fre mettre à exécution Translation fre проводить Translation rus совершать Translation rus

行ずる Word
ぎょうずる Reading
to perform Translation eng to do Translation eng to practice Translation eng
行う Crossref

行き Word 往き Word
いき Reading ゆき Reading
bound for ... Translation eng going (to) Translation eng Hinweg Translation ger Hinfahrt Translation ger nach Translation ger déplacement Translation fre un aller (sans retour) Translation fre voyage Translation fre
東京行き Crossref

行き当たりばったり Word 行きあたりばったり Word 行き当りばったり Word
いきあたりばったり Reading ゆきあたりばったり Reading
random Translation eng by chance Translation eng haphazard Translation eng hit-or-miss Translation eng unplanned Translation eng

行きずり Word 行き摺り Word
ゆきずり Reading
passing Translation eng casual Translation eng Durchfahren Translation ger Durchreisen Translation ger Vergehen Translation ger Flüchtigsein Translation ger

行きたがる Word
いきたがる Reading
to be anxious to go Translation eng

行き付け Word 行きつけ Word 行付け Word
いきつけ Reading ゆきつけ Reading
favourite Translation eng favorite Translation eng preferred Translation eng regular Translation eng usual Translation eng

行き場 Word
ゆきば Reading いきば Reading
place to go Translation eng destination Translation eng Ort, an den man gehen muss Translation ger Ort, an den man gehen möchte Translation ger

行成 Word 行き成り Word
いきなり Reading
abruptly Translation eng suddenly Translation eng all of a sudden Translation eng without warning Translation eng plötzlich Translation ger auf einmal Translation ger unvermittelt Translation ger unvermutet Translation ger unversehens Translation ger wie ein Blitz aus heiterem Himmel Translation ger brusquement Translation fre sans prévenir Translation fre soudainement Translation fre tout à coup Translation fre

行き当たる Word
ゆきあたる Reading いきあたる Reading
to hit Translation eng to run into Translation eng to light on Translation eng to strike into Translation eng to come against Translation eng to deadlock Translation eng das Ende von etw. erreichen Translation ger an einen toten Punkt kommen Translation ger

行き道 Word 行道 Word 行き路 Word 行路 Word
ゆきみち Reading
route (when going somewhere) Translation eng way (to get somewhere) Translation eng

行き度い Word
いきたい Reading
want to go Translation eng

行き渡る Word 行渡る Word
いきわたる Reading ゆきわたる Reading
to diffuse Translation eng to spread through Translation eng sich verbreiten Translation ger sich ausbreiten Translation ger durchdringen Translation ger überall hinreichen Translation ger vorherrschen Translation ger ausreichen Translation ger s'étaler Translation fre se diffuser Translation fre se répandre Translation fre

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