ke3 Reading Pinyin ke4 Reading Pinyin Reading On コク Reading On -べ. Reading Kun -べ. Reading Kun よし Nanori ga Reading Korean geug Reading Korean Reading Korean Reading Korean
can Meaning passable Meaning mustn't Meaning should not Meaning do not Meaning possible Meaning fr acceptable Meaning fr ne doit pas Meaning fr ne pas, négatif Meaning fr bueno Meaning es aprobación Meaning es posible Meaning es poder hacer Meaning es aceitável Meaning pt não deve não Meaning pt faz Meaning pt

yan2 Reading Pinyin ガン Reading On かお Reading Kun an Reading Korean Reading Korean
face Meaning expression Meaning visage Meaning fr expression Meaning fr cara Meaning es faz Meaning es semblante Meaning es rostro Meaning es expresión Meaning es rosto Meaning pt expressão Meaning pt

jin3 Reading Pinyin jin4 Reading Pinyin ジン Reading On サン Reading On .くす Reading Kun -つ.くす Reading Kun -づ.くし Reading Kun -つ. Reading Kun -づ. Reading Kun -ず. Reading Kun .きる Reading Kun .かす Reading Kun さかづき Reading Kun ことごと. Reading Kun つか Reading Kun つき Reading Kun jin Reading Korean Reading Korean
exhaust Meaning use up Meaning run out of Meaning deplete Meaning befriend Meaning serve Meaning épuiser Meaning fr arriver au bout Meaning fr être à court de Meaning fr être dégoûté Meaning fr prendre en amitié Meaning fr servir Meaning fr agotar Meaning es acabar Meaning es gastar Meaning es cumplir Meaning es esforzarse Meaning es acabar Meaning pt exaurir Meaning pt terminar Meaning pt faz amizade com Meaning pt servir (alguem) Meaning pt

bing4 Reading Pinyin ヘイ Reading On ホウ Reading On . Reading Kun なら.べる Reading Kun なら. Reading Kun なら.びに Reading Kun なび Nanori byeong Reading Korean Reading Korean
row Meaning and Meaning besides Meaning as well as Meaning line up Meaning rank with Meaning rival Meaning equal Meaning rangée Meaning fr et Meaning fr en outre Meaning fr de plus Meaning fr faire la queue Meaning fr mettre en rang Meaning fr rival Meaning fr égal Meaning fr alinear Meaning es corriente Meaning es normal Meaning es ordinario Meaning es alinearse Meaning es estar alineado Meaning es fila Meaning pt e Meaning pt além disso Meaning pt assim como Meaning pt faz fila Meaning pt classifica com Meaning pt rival Meaning pt igual Meaning pt

ファザーニ Reading Fasani Romaji

ファザーノ Reading Fasano Romaji

ファザール Reading Fazal Romaji

ファザエフ Reading Fadzaev Romaji

ファザコン Reading
father complex Translation eng

發簪 Traditional 发簪 Simplified
fa1 zan1 Pinyin
hairpin English

ファザノ Reading Fasano Romaji

法則 Traditional 法则 Simplified
fa3 ze2 Pinyin
law English rule English code English

ファゼラ Reading Fasella Romaji

發展 Traditional 发展 Simplified
fa1 zhan3 Pinyin
development English growth English to develop English to grow English to expand English

發顫 Traditional 发颤 Simplified
fa1 zhan4 Pinyin
to shiver English

罰站 Traditional 罚站 Simplified
fa2 zhan4 Pinyin
to be made to stand still as a punishment English

發粘 Traditional 发粘 Simplified
fa1 zhan1 Pinyin
Klebrigkeit (u.E.) (S) Deutsch

發顫 Traditional 发颤 Simplified
fa1 zhan4 Pinyin
schlottern (u.E.) (V) Deutsch

發展到 Traditional 发展到 Simplified
fa1 zhan3 dao4 Pinyin
entwickeln zu, werden zu (u.E.) Deutsch

發脹 Traditional 发胀 Simplified
fa1 zhang4 Pinyin
to swell up English swelling English

發漲 Traditional 发涨 Simplified
fa1 zhang3 Pinyin
nicht klar denkend (u.E.) (V) Deutsch

法杖 Traditional 法杖 Simplified
fa3 zhang4 Pinyin
Wünschelrute (u.E.) (S) Deutsch

發展期 Traditional 发展期 Simplified
fa1 zhan3 qi1 Pinyin
Entwicklungsstufe (u.E.) (S) Deutsch

發展區 Traditional 发展区 Simplified
fa1 zhan3 qu1 Pinyin
Neubaugebiet (u.E.) (S, Geo) Deutsch

發展趨勢 Traditional 发展趋势 Simplified
fa1 zhan3 qu1 shi4 Pinyin
growing trend English

發展史 Traditional 发展史 Simplified
fa1 zhan3 shi3 Pinyin
Entwicklungsgeschichte (S) Deutsch

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