Character push, expel; push forward Definition
TUI1 Pinyin ceoi1 teoi1 Jyutping SUI On OSU OSHITE Kun Hangul CHWU THOY Korean tuəi Tang suy Viet

TUI1 Pinyin teoi1 Jyutping

Traditional Simplified
tui1 Pinyin
to push English to cut English to refuse English to reject English to decline English to shirk (responsibility) English to put off English to delay English to push forward English to nominate English to elect English

推介 Traditional 推介 Simplified
tui1 jie4 Pinyin
promotion English to promote English to introduce and recommend English

推估 Traditional 推估 Simplified
tui1 gu1 Pinyin
to estimate English

推倒 Traditional 推倒 Simplified
tui1 dao3 Pinyin
to push over English to overthrow English

推出 Traditional 推出 Simplified
tui1 chu1 Pinyin
to push out English to release English to launch English to publish English to recommend English

推動 Traditional 推动 Simplified
tui1 dong4 Pinyin
to push (for acceptance of a plan) English to push forward English to promote English to actuate English

推動力 Traditional 推动力 Simplified
tui1 dong4 li4 Pinyin
driving force English

推卸 Traditional 推卸 Simplified
tui1 xie4 Pinyin
to avoid (esp. responsibility) English to shift (the blame) English to pass the buck English

推及 Traditional 推及 Simplified
tui1 ji2 Pinyin
to spread English to extend English

推問 Traditional 推问 Simplified
tui1 wen4 Pinyin
to interrogate English

推土機 Traditional 推土机 Simplified
tui1 tu3 ji1 Pinyin
bulldozer English

推子 Traditional 推子 Simplified
tui1 zi5 Pinyin
hair clippers English

推宕 Traditional 推宕 Simplified
tui1 dang4 Pinyin
to postpone English to delay English to put sth off English

推定 Traditional 推定 Simplified
tui1 ding4 Pinyin
to infer English to consider and come to a judgment English to recommend English to estimate English deduced to be English

推尊 Traditional 推尊 Simplified
tui1 zun1 Pinyin
to esteem English to revere English to think highly of sb English

推尋 Traditional 推寻 Simplified
tui1 xun2 Pinyin
to examine English to investigate English

推導 Traditional 推导 Simplified
tui1 dao3 Pinyin
derivation English to deduce English

推展 Traditional 推展 Simplified
tui1 zhan3 Pinyin
to propagate English to popularize English

推崇 Traditional 推崇 Simplified
tui1 chong2 Pinyin
to esteem English to think highly of English to accord importance to English to revere English

推度 Traditional 推度 Simplified
tui1 du4 Pinyin
to infer English to guess English

推廣 Traditional 推广 Simplified
tui1 guang3 Pinyin
to extend English to spread English to popularize English

推延 Traditional 推延 Simplified
tui1 yan2 Pinyin
to procrastinate English

推後 Traditional 推后 Simplified
tui1 hou4 Pinyin
to push back (progress, the times etc) English

推心 Traditional 推心 Simplified
tui1 xin1 Pinyin
to treat sincerely English to confide in English

推恩 Traditional 推恩 Simplified
tui1 en1 Pinyin
to extend kindness English

推想 Traditional 推想 Simplified
tui1 xiang3 Pinyin
to reckon English to infer English to imagine English

推戴 Traditional 推戴 Simplified
tui1 dai4 Pinyin
to endorse (sb for leader) English

推拉門 Traditional 推拉门 Simplified
tui1 la1 men2 Pinyin
sliding door English

推拿 Traditional 推拿 Simplified
tui1 na2 Pinyin
tui na (form of Chinese manual therapy) English

推搪 Traditional 推搪 Simplified
tui1 tang2 Pinyin
to offer excuses (colloquial) English to stall English

推故 Traditional 推故 Simplified
tui1 gu4 Pinyin
to find a pretext for refusing English

推敲 Traditional 推敲 Simplified
tui1 qiao1 Pinyin
to think over English

推斥 Traditional 推斥 Simplified
tui1 chi4 Pinyin
repulsion English repulsive force (physics) English

推斥力 Traditional 推斥力 Simplified
tui1 chi4 li4 Pinyin
repulsion English repulsive force (physics) English

推斷 Traditional 推断 Simplified
tui1 duan4 Pinyin
to infer English to deduce English to predict English to extrapolate English

推服 Traditional 推服 Simplified
tui1 fu2 Pinyin
to esteem English to admire English

推桿 Traditional 推杆 Simplified
tui1 gan1 Pinyin
push rod or tappet (mechanics) English putter (golf) English to putt (golf) English

推求 Traditional 推求 Simplified
tui1 qiu2 Pinyin
to inquire English to ascertain English

推測 Traditional 推测 Simplified
tui1 ce4 Pinyin
speculation English to conjecture English to surmise English to speculate English

推演 Traditional 推演 Simplified
tui1 yan3 Pinyin
to deduce English to infer English to derive English an implication English

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