Character middle brother; go between, mediator; surname Definition
ZHONG4 Pinyin zung6 Jyutping CHUU On NAKA Kun Hangul CWUNG Korean *djhiùng djhiùng Tang

なか Reading
relation Translation eng relationship Translation eng Freundschaft Translation ger persönliches Verhältnis Translation ger persönliche Beziehungen Translation ger relation Translation fre relation personnelle Translation fre

牙婆 Word 数間 Word Word
すあい Reading すわい Reading
broker Translation eng brokerage Translation eng brokerage fee Translation eng

ずうん Reading Zuun Romaji

ちゅう Reading Chuu Romaji

ちゅん Reading Chun Romaji

つづき Reading Tsudzuki Romaji

なか Reading Naka Romaji

なかざき Reading Nakazaki Romaji

なかば Reading Nakaba Romaji

なかむら Reading Nakamura Romaji

Traditional Simplified
Zhong4 Pinyin
surname Zhong English

Traditional Simplified
zhong4 Pinyin
second month of a season English middle English intermediate English second amongst brothers English

zhong4 Reading Pinyin チュウ Reading On なか Reading Kun ちゅん Nanori つづき Nanori なかつ Nanori jung Reading Korean Reading Korean
go-between Meaning relationship Meaning relation Meaning fr médiation Meaning fr intermédiaire Meaning fr mediación Meaning es relación Meaning es Relacionamento Meaning pt entre (algo) Meaning pt

仲が良い Word 仲がいい Word 仲がよい Word
なかがいい Reading なかがよい Reading
close Translation eng intimate Translation eng on good terms Translation eng
仲のいい Crossref

仲が悪い Word
なかがわるい Reading
on bad terms Translation eng at loggerheads Translation eng
仲の悪い Crossref

仲の悪い Word
なかのわるい Reading
on bad terms Translation eng at loggerheads Translation eng
仲が悪い Crossref

仲ッ沢 Word
なかっさわ Reading Nakassawa Romaji

仲の Word
なかの Reading Nakano Romaji

仲ノ Word
なかの Reading Nakano Romaji

仲の浜 Word
なかのはま Reading Nakanohama Romaji

仲の国 Word
なかのくに Reading Nakanokuni Romaji

仲ノ内 Word
なかのうち Reading Nakanouchi Romaji

仲の浦 Word
なかのうら Reading Nakanoura Romaji

仲の前 Word
なかのまえ Reading Nakanomae Romaji

仲の町 Word
なかのまち Reading Nakanomachi Romaji

仲ノ町 Word
なかのまち Reading Nakanomachi Romaji

仲の沢 Word
なかのさわ Reading Nakanosawa Romaji

仲ノ沢 Word
なかのさわ Reading Nakanosawa Romaji

仲良く Word 仲よく Word
なかよく Reading
making friends with Translation eng getting along well with Translation eng on cordial terms Translation eng in Frieden und Eintracht Translation ger auf freundlichem Fuße Translation ger einträchtig Translation ger harmonisch Translation ger in Harmonie Translation ger vertraut Translation ger bien s'entendre Translation fre en accord Translation fre en bon terme Translation fre en harmonie Translation fre familier Translation fre intime Translation fre sympathiser Translation fre

仲良し Word 仲好し Word 仲よし Word 仲好 Word
なかよし Reading
intimate friend Translation eng close friend Translation eng bosom buddy Translation eng chum Translation eng guter Freund Translation ger ami intime Translation fre

仲阿 Word
ちゅうあい Reading Chuuai Romaji

仲哀 Word
ちゅうあい Reading Chuuai Romaji

仲哀 Word
ちゅうせつ Reading Chuusetsu Romaji

仲哀天皇 Traditional 仲哀天皇 Simplified
zhong4 ai1 tian1 huang2 Pinyin
Chūai (u.E.) Deutsch

仲安 Word
なかやす Reading Nakayasu Romaji

仲庵 Word
ちゅうあん Reading Chuuan Romaji

仲岸 Word
なかぎし Reading Nakagishi Romaji

仲胺 Traditional 仲胺 Simplified
zhong4 an4 Pinyin
sekundäres Amin (u.E.) (S, Chem) Deutsch

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