Character cultivated land; to till lands, a clod of earth Definition
FA2 Pinyin fat6 Jyutping

開墾地 Word
かいこんち Reading
cultivated land Translation eng Rodung Translation ger Rodeland Translation ger urbar gemachtes Land Translation ger bebautes Land Translation ger terrain défriché Translation fre

田園 Word 田苑 Word
でんえん Reading でんおん Reading
country Translation eng rural districts Translation eng cultivated land Translation eng fields Translation eng (schriftspr.) ländliche Umgebung Translation ger Land Translation ger Vorort Translation ger Felder und Gärten Translation ger campagne Translation fre rural Translation fre

Word Word
はたけ Reading はた Reading
field (for fruits, vegetables, etc.) Translation eng cultivated land Translation eng vegetable plot Translation eng kitchen garden Translation eng plantation Translation eng field (of specialization) Translation eng sphere Translation eng area Translation eng womb Translation eng birth Translation eng birthplace Translation eng Feld Translation ger Trockenfeld Translation ger Acker Translation ger (übertragen) Translation ger Fachgebiet Translation ger champ Translation fre поле (суходольное) Translation rus

耕作地 Word
こうさくち Reading
cultivated land Translation eng Anbaufläche Translation ger

田野 Word
でんや Reading
cultivated fields Translation eng countryside Translation eng Felder Translation ger Ackerland Translation ger

園芸品種 Word
えんげいひんしゅ Reading
cultivar Translation eng cultivated variety of a plant Translation eng

家培 Traditional 家培 Simplified
jia1 pei2 Pinyin
cultivated English home grown English

Traditional Simplified
yu2 Pinyin
cultivated field English

Traditional Simplified
chou2 Pinyin
arable fields English cultivated field English class English category English

農田 Traditional 农田 Simplified
nong2 tian2 Pinyin
farmland English cultivated land English

dian4 Reading Pinyin tian2 Reading Pinyin テン Reading On デン Reading On つくだ Reading Kun jeon Reading Korean Reading Korean
cultivated rice field Meaning

Character cultivated, well-bred Definition
BIN1 Pinyin ban1 Jyutping HIN On AKIRAKA Kun Hangul PIN Korean băn Viet
U+4EFD Variant

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