Character fish; fishhook; tempt, lure Definition
DIAO4 Pinyin diu3 Jyutping CHOU On TSURI TSURU Kun Hangul CO Korean *dèu Tang
U+9493 Simplified

釣り Word Word
つり Reading
change (e.g. for a purchase) Translation eng fishing Translation eng angling Translation eng Angeln Translation ger Wechselgeld Translation ger Restgeld Translation ger Kleingeld Translation ger pêche (poissons) Translation fre (petite) monnaie Translation fre
釣り銭 Crossref

つり Reading Tsuri Romaji

つりさき Reading Tsurisaki Romaji

つる Reading Tsuru Romaji

ひとし Reading Hitoshi Romaji

Traditional Simplified
diao4 Pinyin
to fish with a hook and bait English

diao4 Reading Pinyin チョウ Reading On . Reading Kun . Reading Kun .り- Reading Kun つり Nanori jo Reading Korean Reading Korean
angling Meaning fish Meaning catch Meaning allure Meaning ensnare Meaning rendre la monnaie Meaning fr pêche à la ligne Meaning fr attraper Meaning fr attirer Meaning fr capturer Meaning fr pescar con caña Meaning es colgar Meaning es cambio (dinero) Meaning es pesca Meaning pt peixe Meaning pt pegar Meaning pt fascinação Meaning pt laçar Meaning pt

釣られる Word
つられる Reading
to be lured Translation eng to be attracted Translation eng to get hooked (on) Translation eng verführt werden Translation ger

お釣り Word 御釣り Word
おつり Reading
change (i.e. money) Translation eng balance Translation eng Wechselgeld Translation ger balance Translation fre changer (de l'argent) Translation fre
釣り Crossref

釣り馬鹿 Word 釣りバカ Word 釣りばか Word
つりばか Reading つりバカ Reading
a fishing enthusiast Translation eng

釣り場 Word
つりば Reading
fishing place Translation eng Angelplatz Translation ger

釣り出す Word
つりだす Reading
to pull out a fish Translation eng to lure Translation eng herauslocken Translation ger

釣り船 Word 釣船 Word 釣り舟 Word
つりぶね Reading
fishing boat Translation eng Angelboot Translation ger

釣り床 Word
つりどこ Reading
hammock Translation eng Hängematte Translation ger

釣り灯籠 Word 吊り灯籠 Word
つりどうろう Reading
hanging lantern Translation eng

釣り浮き Word
つりうき Reading
fishing float Translation eng bobber Translation eng

釣り竿 Word 釣竿 Word
つりざお Reading
fishing rod Translation eng Angelrute Translation ger

つり革 Word 吊り革 Word 吊革 Word 釣り革 Word 釣革 Word
つりかわ Reading
strap (to hang onto) Translation eng Halteriemen Translation ger (im Bus oder in der Bahn) Translation ger

釣り針 Word 釣針 Word 釣り鉤 Word 釣鉤 Word
つりばり Reading
fish hook Translation eng Angelhaken Translation ger hameçon Translation fre

釣り合い Word 釣合い Word 釣合 Word
つりあい Reading
balance Translation eng equilibrium Translation eng Gleichgewicht Translation ger Balance Translation ger Proportion Translation ger équilibre Translation fre équité Translation fre bonne répartition Translation fre

釣り合う Word
つりあう Reading
to balance Translation eng to be in harmony Translation eng to suit Translation eng to go well together Translation eng to counterbalance Translation eng to reach equilibrium Translation eng ausbalancieren Translation ger ins Gleichgewicht bringen Translation ger harmonisieren Translation ger in Harmonie sein Translation ger passen Translation ger passend sein Translation ger gut passen Translation ger s'équilibrer Translation fre se contrebalancer Translation fre s'assortir Translation fre s'harmoniser Translation fre

吊り戸棚 Word 吊戸棚 Word 釣り戸棚 Word 釣戸棚 Word
つりとだな Reading
hanging cupboard Translation eng wall cabinet Translation eng

釣り具 Word
つりぐ Reading
fishing gear Translation eng tackle Translation eng Angelgerät Translation ger

釣り堀 Word 釣堀 Word
つりぼり Reading
fish pond Translation eng Angelteich Translation ger Fischteich Translation ger pièce d'eau pour pécher Translation fre vivier Translation fre

釣り籠 Word
つりかご Reading
angler's basket Translation eng creel Translation eng

釣り糸 Word 釣糸 Word
つりいと Reading
fishing line Translation eng Angelschnur Translation ger

釣り棚 Word 吊り棚 Word
つりだな Reading
suspended shelf Translation eng

釣り銭 Word 釣銭 Word つり銭 Word
つりせん Reading
change (e.g. for dollar) Translation eng Wechselgeld Translation ger monnaie (rendre la) Translation fre

つり銭口 Word 釣銭口 Word 釣り銭口 Word
つりせんぐち Reading
coin return slot Translation eng change slot Translation eng

吊り橋 Word 吊橋 Word 釣り橋 Word
つりばし Reading
suspension bridge Translation eng Hängebrücke Translation ger pont suspendu Translation fre висячий мост Translation rus

釣り人 Word
つりびと Reading
angler Translation eng

釣り込まれる Word
つりこまれる Reading
to be carried away by Translation eng to be talked into Translation eng

釣り込む Word
つりこむ Reading
to take in Translation eng to attract Translation eng hineinlocken Translation ger hereinlocken Translation ger hinreißen Translation ger

吊り上がる Word 釣り上がる Word
つりあがる Reading
to be lifted up Translation eng to be hung up Translation eng to be pulled in (fish) Translation eng nach oben treiben Translation ger die Augen stehen schräg Translation ger in die Höhe schießen Translation ger

吊り上げる Word 釣り上げる Word つり上げる Word 釣上げる Word
つりあげる Reading
to raise Translation eng to lift Translation eng to hang up Translation eng to suspend Translation eng to (artificially, deliberately) raise prices Translation eng to pull in (fish) Translation eng angeln Translation ger aus dem Wasser ziehen Translation ger hochziehen Translation ger in die Höhe treiben Translation ger manipulieren Translation ger вешать Translation rus подвешивать Translation rus поднимать Translation rus подтягивать Translation rus

釣り師 Word
つりし Reading
angler Translation eng Internet troll Translation eng Angler Translation ger

釣り柿 Word
つりがき Reading
persimmon (hung to dry) Translation eng dried persimmon Translation eng
吊るし柿 Crossref

釣り手 Word
つりて Reading
fisherman Translation eng angler Translation eng hanging strap Translation eng Angler Translation ger

釣り書き Word 釣書き Word 釣り書 Word 釣書 Word 吊り書き Word 吊書き Word 吊書 Word
つりがき Reading つりしょ Reading
family chart and personal history Translation eng Stammbaum Translation ger Stammtafel Translation ger Ahnentafel \\ Translation ger (übertr.) Translation ger Aufstellung über die persönliche Geschichte und die Geschichte der Familie Translation ger (f) Translation ger (insbes. für O-miai) Translation ger

釣り台 Word
つりだい Reading
fishing platform Translation eng stretcher Translation eng

吊り下がる Word 釣り下がる Word
つりさがる Reading
to hang down Translation eng to dangle Translation eng hängen Translation ger baumeln Translation ger свешиваться Translation rus болтаться Translation rus

吊り下げる Word 釣り下げる Word つり下げる Word
つりさげる Reading
to suspend from Translation eng to be suspended (from) Translation eng hängen lassen Translation ger baumeln lassen Translation ger

八間 Word
はちけん Reading
large hanging paper lantern Translation eng
釣り行灯 Crossref 八方 Crossref

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