Character flutter Definition
ZONG1 Pinyin zung1 Jyutping

ひらひら Reading
flutter Translation eng flatternd Translation ger tanzend Translation ger frémissement Translation fre froissement (de vêtements) Translation fre

びらびら Reading
flutter Translation eng flutteringly Translation eng

揺曳 Word
ようえい Reading
flutter Translation eng linger Translation eng Schleppen Translation ger Anhalten Translation ger Andauern Translation ger

ばた脚 Word ばた足 Word
ばたあし Reading
flutter kick (swimming) Translation eng the thrash Translation eng {Schwimmen} Fußschlag beim Kraulen Translation ger

フラッター Reading
flutter (sound) Translation eng

飄揚 Traditional 飘扬 Simplified
piao1 yang2 Pinyin
wave English flutter English fly English

fan1 Reading Pinyin ホン Reading On ハン Reading On ひるがえ. Reading Kun ひるがえ. Reading Kun beon Reading Korean Reading Korean
flip Meaning turn over Meaning wave Meaning flutter Meaning change (mind) Meaning voltiger Meaning fr faire flotter (drapeau) Meaning fr changer de sens Meaning fr changer (d'opinion) Meaning fr expresar en otras palabras Meaning es modificar Meaning es cambiar de opinión Meaning es invertir Meaning es girar Meaning es voltear Meaning es sacudidela Meaning pt virar Meaning pt onda Meaning pt tumulto Meaning pt mudar de idéia Meaning pt

mi3 Reading Pinyin mi2 Reading Pinyin Reading On Reading On Reading On なび. Reading Kun ない Reading Kun .ける Reading Kun mi Reading Korean Reading Korean
flutter Meaning wave Meaning bow to Meaning obey Meaning seduce Meaning

sou3 Reading Pinyin sou4 Reading Pinyin ソウ Reading On Reading On .げる Reading Kun .てる Reading Kun
shake Meaning tremble Meaning quake Meaning flutter Meaning

fa2 Reading Pinyin ハイ Reading On ヒツ Reading On ホチ Reading On しげ. Reading Kun
flutter Meaning flower Meaning

chan1 Reading Pinyin セン Reading On タン Reading On まえか. Reading Kun cheom Reading Korean
flutter Meaning shaking or vibrating Meaning

Character flutter; flower Definition
FA2 FEI4 Pinyin fat6 pui3 Jyutping HAI BAI HITSU HOCHI On SHIGERU Kun

Character flutter; shaking or vibrating Definition
CHAN1 Pinyin lim5 sim4 zim1 Jyutping SEN TAN On MAEKAKE Kun Hangul CHEM Korean

Character fluttering of the flag, the flags Definition
YI3 Pinyin zi2 Jyutping

Character fluttering of flag; romantic Definition
NI3 Pinyin nei5 Jyutping JI NI DA On TANABIKU Kun niɛ̌ Tang

ちらちら Reading チラチラ Reading
fluttering Translation eng flickering Translation eng intermittently Translation eng flickernd Translation ger flackernd Translation ger flimmernd Translation ger schimmernd Translation ger flatternd Translation ger immer wieder kurz sichtbar Translation ger immer wieder kurz hörbar Translation ger clignotant Translation fre par intermittence Translation fre tremblant Translation fre

ハラハラ Reading はらはら Reading
heart going pit-a-pat Translation eng falling rapidly in big drops Translation eng fluttering down Translation eng keeping on tenterhooks Translation eng suspense Translation eng exciting Translation eng thrilling Translation eng jacasser Translation fre tomber à grosses gouttes (larmes) Translation fre tomber une à une (feuilles) Translation fre trembler (de peur) Translation fre

翩翻 Word
へんぽん Reading
fluttering Translation eng frivolous Translation eng

翩々 Word 翩翩 Word
へんぺん Reading
fluttering Translation eng frivolous Translation eng

羽搏き Word 羽撃き Word
はばたき Reading
fluttering or flapping of wings Translation eng Flügelschlag Translation ger (das Geräusch) Translation ger

Traditional Simplified
ni3 Pinyin
fluttering of flags English

Traditional Simplified
yi3 Pinyin
fluttering of flag English

蕩蕩 Traditional 荡荡 Simplified
dang4 dang4 Pinyin
fluttering English

Traditional Simplified
yao2 Pinyin
fluttering English

pian1 Reading Pinyin ヘン Reading On ひるが.える Reading Kun pyeon Reading Korean Reading Korean
fluttering of flag Meaning

ni3 Reading Pinyin Reading On Reading On Reading On たなび. Reading Kun
fluttering of flag Meaning romantic Meaning

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