Character sad, mournful, pitiful; pity Definition
AI1 Pinyin oi1 Jyutping AI On AWARE AWAREMU KANASHII Kun Hangul AY Korean *qəi Tang ai Viet

Character interjection of surprise Definition
AI1 Pinyin aai1 ai3 Jyutping GAI On AY Korean

Character alas, exclamation of surprise or pain Definition
AI1 AI4 Pinyin aai1 oi1 Jyutping KAI KI AI I On AA AAOO IYAIYAKOTAERU Kun Hangul AY Korean hãy Viet
U+8A92 Variant

Character fine dust, dirt Definition
AI1 Pinyin aai1 oi1 Jyutping AI On CHIRI HOKORI Kun Hangul AY Korean *qəi Tang ai Viet

Character near, close by, next to, towards, against; to wait; to lean on Definition
AI1 AI2 Pinyin aai1 Jyutping AI On HIRAKU Kun Hangul AY Korean

Character an exclamation of confirmation Definition
AI1 EI1 EI2 EI3 EI4 XI1 Pinyin aai2 ei6 oi1 Jyutping
U+8A92 Traditional U+5509 Variant

AI1 Pinyin

Character iridium einsteinium Definition
AI1 Pinyin
U+953F Simplified

Character es Definition
AI1 Pinyin
U+9384 Traditional

Traditional Simplified
ai1 Pinyin
sorrow English grief English pity English to grieve for English to pity English to lament English to condole English

哀傷 Traditional 哀伤 Simplified
ai1 shang1 Pinyin
grief English distress English bereavement English grieved English heart-broken English dejected English

哀傷地 Traditional 哀伤地 Simplified
ai1 shang1 de5 Pinyin
pathetically English

哀勸 Traditional 哀劝 Simplified
ai1 quan4 Pinyin
to persuade by all possible means English to implore English

哀告 Traditional 哀告 Simplified
ai1 gao4 Pinyin
to beg piteously English to supplicate English

哀哭 Traditional 哀哭 Simplified
ai1 ku1 Pinyin
to weep in sorrow English

哀啟 Traditional 哀启 Simplified
ai1 qi3 Pinyin
obituary (archaic term) English

哀嘆 Traditional 哀叹 Simplified
ai1 tan4 Pinyin
to sigh English to lament English to bewail English

哀嚎 Traditional 哀嚎 Simplified
ai1 hao2 Pinyin
to howl in grief English anguished wailing English same as 哀号 English

哀失 Traditional 哀失 Simplified
ai1 shi1 Pinyin
bereavement English

哀婉 Traditional 哀婉 Simplified
ai1 wan3 Pinyin
melancholy English sad and moving English

哀子 Traditional 哀子 Simplified
ai1 zi3 Pinyin
son orphaned of his mother English

哀家 Traditional 哀家 Simplified
ai1 jia1 Pinyin
queen widow (role in opera) English

哀思 Traditional 哀思 Simplified
ai1 si1 Pinyin
grief-stricken thoughts English mourning English

哀怨 Traditional 哀怨 Simplified
ai1 yuan4 Pinyin
grief English resentment English aggrieved English plaintive English

哀悼 Traditional 哀悼 Simplified
ai1 dao4 Pinyin
to grieve over sb's death English to lament sb's death English

哀愁 Traditional 哀愁 Simplified
ai1 chou2 Pinyin
sorrow English sadness English distressed English sorrowful English

哀慼 Traditional 哀戚 Simplified
ai1 qi1 Pinyin
sorrow English grief English

哀憐 Traditional 哀怜 Simplified
ai1 lian2 Pinyin
to feel compassion for English to pity on English to feel sorry for English

哀憫 Traditional 哀悯 Simplified
ai1 min3 Pinyin
to take pity on English to feel sorry for English

哀榮 Traditional 哀荣 Simplified
ai1 rong2 Pinyin
funeral pomp English

哀樂 Traditional 哀乐 Simplified
ai1 yue4 Pinyin
funeral music English plaint English dirge English

哀歌 Traditional 哀歌 Simplified
ai1 ge1 Pinyin
mournful song English dirge English elegy English

哀求 Traditional 哀求 Simplified
ai1 qiu2 Pinyin
to entreat English to implore English to plead English

哀泣 Traditional 哀泣 Simplified
ai1 qi4 Pinyin
to wail English

哀痛 Traditional 哀痛 Simplified
ai1 tong4 Pinyin
to grieve English to mourn English deep sorrow English grief English

哀矜 Traditional 哀矜 Simplified
ai1 jin1 Pinyin
to take pity on English to feel sorry for English

哀艷 Traditional 哀艳 Simplified
ai1 yan4 Pinyin
plaintive and beautiful English melancholy but gorgeous English

哀號 Traditional 哀号 Simplified
ai1 hao2 Pinyin
to cry piteously English anguished wailing English same as 哀嚎 English

哀辭 Traditional 哀辞 Simplified
ai1 ci2 Pinyin
dirge English lament English

哀鳴 Traditional 哀鸣 Simplified
ai1 ming2 Pinyin
plaintive whine English wail English

Traditional Simplified
ai1 Pinyin
interjection of surprise or disapprobation hey! English why? English look out! English How dare you! English

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