Character numerary adjunct, piece; single Definition
GE4 GE3 Pinyin go3 Jyutping KA KO On KO KA Kun Hangul KAY Korean gɑ̀ Tang Viet
U+500B Variant

Word Word
counter for articles Translation eng counter for military units Translation eng individual Translation eng Individuum Translation ger Stück Translation ger Exemplar Translation ger (Zählwort für kleinere Dinge, Äpfel, Eier, Schachteln, Bündel) Translation ger (compteur pour divers objets) Translation fre

Traditional Simplified
ge4 Pinyin
general classifier English

Traditional Simplified
ge4 Pinyin
historische Variante von (u.E.) Deutsch

ge4 Reading Pinyin Reading On Reading On gae Reading Korean Reading Korean
counters for things Meaning unités Meaning fr compteur de choses Meaning fr contador y enumerador para cosas Meaning es sufixo para contagem de coisas em geral Meaning pt

個々 Word 個個 Word 箇々 Word 箇箇 Word
ここ Reading
individual Translation eng one by one Translation eng separate Translation eng einzelner Translation ger chaque Translation fre individuel(lle) Translation fre

カ国 Word ヶ国 Word か国 Word ケ国 Word 箇国 Word
かこく Reading
counter for countries Translation eng

カ国語 Word ヶ国語 Word か国語 Word ケ国語 Word 箇国語 Word
かこくご Reading
counter for languages Translation eng

箇数 Word 個数 Word
こすう Reading
number of articles Translation eng Stück Translation ger Stückzahl Translation ger Anzahl Translation ger (von Gegenständen, Artikeln etc.) Translation ger

箇所 Word 個所 Word か所 Word カ所 Word ケ所 Word ヶ所 Word
かしょ Reading
passage Translation eng place Translation eng point Translation eng part Translation eng Stelle Translation ger Ort Translation ger Fleck Translation ger Punkt Translation ger Teil Translation ger Passage Translation ger lieu Translation fre passage Translation fre место Translation rus пункт Translation rus

箇条 Word
かじょう Reading
items Translation eng errors Translation eng articles Translation eng Artikel Translation ger Paragraph Translation ger Klausel Translation ger Punkt Translation ger paragraphe (d'un texte) Translation fre points (d'un article) Translation fre

箇条書き Word 個条書き Word 箇条書 Word
かじょうがき Reading
itemized form Translation eng itemised form Translation eng itemization Translation eng itemisation Translation eng Angabe der einzelnen Punkte Translation ger Einzelangabe Translation ger relevé détaillé Translation fre

カ月 Word ケ月 Word ヶ月 Word ヵ月 Word 箇月 Word か月 Word
かげつ Reading
(number of) months Translation eng (nombre de) mois Translation fre

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