Character preceding Definition
SA4 Pinyin

Word Word
さき Reading
previous Translation eng prior Translation eng former Translation eng some time ago Translation eng preceding Translation eng point (e.g. pencil) Translation eng tip Translation eng end Translation eng nozzle Translation eng ahead Translation eng the other side Translation eng the future Translation eng hereafter Translation eng destination Translation eng the other party Translation eng head (of a line) Translation eng front Translation eng Spitze Translation ger Ende Translation ger Stirn Translation ger Front Translation ger Kopf Translation ger Führung Translation ger Folge Translation ger Fortsetzung Translation ger etw. Ehemaliges Translation ger etw. vor einem Liegendes Translation ger Zukunft Translation ger destination Translation fre avenir Translation fre futur Translation fre suite (d'une histoire) Translation fre bout (de ligne) Translation fre pointe (crayon) Translation fre avant Translation fre précédent Translation fre

先行 Word
せんこう Reading
preceding Translation eng going first Translation eng leading Translation eng going ahead Translation eng taking priority Translation eng (schriftspr.) Translation ger Voraussein Translation ger Vorausgehen Translation ger Vorangehen Translation ger

前期 Word
ぜんき Reading
first term Translation eng first half-year Translation eng preceding period Translation eng early period Translation eng die erste Jahreshälfte Translation ger Sommersemester Translation ger (Schuljahre und Unijahre beginnen in Japan im April) Translation ger das vergangene Halbjahr Translation ger vergangene Semester Translation ger période précédente Translation fre première période Translation fre premier semestre Translation fre

前項 Word
ぜんこう Reading
preceding paragraph Translation eng vorangehender Paragraph Translation ger vorhergehender Punkt Translation ger

前号 Word
ぜんごう Reading
preceding issue Translation eng vorhergehende Ausgabe Translation ger (einer Zeitschrift, Zeitung o.Ä.) Translation ger

前条 Word
ぜんじょう Reading
preceding article or entry Translation eng vorhergehender Paragraph Translation ger

前段 Word
ぜんだん Reading
preceding paragraph Translation eng first part Translation eng erste Hälfte Translation ger erste Teil Translation ger vorhergehende Abschnitt Translation ger

前年度 Word
ぜんねんど Reading
preceding fiscal year Translation eng vorangegangene Geschäftsjahr Translation ger letztes Geschäftsjahr Translation ger voriges Rechnungsjahr Translation ger

前葉 Word
ぜんよう Reading
preceding page Translation eng anterior pituitary Translation eng
脳下垂体 Crossref

前作 Word
ぜんさく Reading
previous work Translation eng preceding work Translation eng

上一頁 Traditional 上一页 Simplified
shang4 yi1 ye4 Pinyin
preceding page English

前期 Traditional 前期 Simplified
qian2 qi1 Pinyin
preceding period English early stage English

前面 Traditional 前面 Simplified
qian2 mian4 Pinyin
ahead English in front English preceding English above English

Traditional Simplified
sa4 Pinyin
preceding English

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