Character sentence Definition
JU4 GOU1 Pinyin gau1 geoi3 Jyutping KU KOU On Hangul KWU KWI Korean *giò Tang câu Viet
U+F906 Variant

section (i.e. of text) Translation eng sentence Translation eng passage Translation eng paragraph Translation eng phrase Translation eng verse (of 5 or 7 mora in Japanese poetry; of 4, 5, or 7 characters in Chinese poetry) Translation eng haiku Translation eng first 17 morae of a renga, etc. Translation eng maxim Translation eng saying Translation eng idiom Translation eng expression Translation eng Satz Translation ger Ausdruck Translation ger Redensart Translation ger Haiku Translation ger Gedicht Translation ger Vers Translation ger article Translation fre expression Translation fre paragraphe Translation fre passage Translation fre phrase Translation fre poème en 7 syllabes Translation fre stance Translation fre vers Translation fre

Traditional Simplified
ju4 Pinyin
sentence English clause English phrase English classifier for phrases or lines of verse English

ju4 Reading Pinyin gou1 Reading Pinyin Reading On すく Nanori gu Reading Korean gwi Reading Korean Reading Korean Reading Korean
phrase Meaning clause Meaning sentence Meaning passage Meaning paragraph Meaning counter for haiku Meaning phrase Meaning fr clause Meaning fr paragraphe Meaning fr passage Meaning fr compteur de haïku Meaning fr frase Meaning es cláusula Meaning es sentencia Meaning es oración Meaning es párrafo Meaning es frase Meaning pt cláusula Meaning pt sentença Meaning pt passagem Meaning pt parágrafo Meaning pt

句を切る Word
くをきる Reading
to punctuate a sentence Translation eng

句碑 Word
くひ Reading
slab with a haiku cut on it Translation eng Gedenkstein mit einem Haiku Translation ger

句柄 Traditional 句柄 Simplified
ju4 bing3 Pinyin
Griff, handle (u.E.) (S) Deutsch

句城 Word
くじょう Reading Kujou Romaji

句城子 Word
くじょうし Reading Kujoushi Romaji

句点 Word
くてん Reading
period Translation eng full stop Translation eng {Gramm.} Punkt Translation ger japanischer Punkt Translation ger kleiner Kreis als Punkt am Satzende Translation ger (ein japan. Interpunktionszeichen) Translation ger

句動詞 Word
くどうし Reading
phrasal verb Translation eng

句讀 Traditional 句读 Simplified
ju4 dou4 Pinyin
Punkt und Komma, Interpunktion (u.E.) (S) Deutsch

句読 Word
くとう Reading
punctuation Translation eng pause Translation eng {Gramm.} Interpunktion Translation ger Zeichensetzung Translation ger Interpunktionszeichen Translation ger (Abk.) Translation ger

読み切り Word 読切り Word
よみきり Reading
finishing reading Translation eng non-serialised stories (e.g. in magazines) Translation eng complete novel Translation eng punctuation Translation eng abgeschlossene Geschichte Translation ger
句読 Crossref

句読点 Word
くとうてん Reading
punctuation mark Translation eng punctuation marks Translation eng {Gramm.} Satzzeichen Translation ger Interpunktionszeichen Translation ger Punkt Translation ger signe de ponctuation Translation fre

句読法 Word
くとうほう Reading
punctuation rules Translation eng Interpunktionsregeln Translation ger ponctuation Translation fre

句読文字 Word
くとうもじ Reading
punctuation character Translation eng

句爾子 Word
くにこ Reading Kuniko Romaji

句法 Word
くほう Reading
phraseology Translation eng diction Translation eng Konstruktion eines Gedichtes Translation ger

句法 Traditional 句法 Simplified
ju4 fa3 Pinyin
syntax English

句法 Traditional 句法 Simplified
ju4 fa3 Pinyin
Syntax (u.E.) (S) Deutsch syntaktisch (u.E.) (Adj) Deutsch

句法分析 Traditional 句法分析 Simplified
ju4 fa3 fen1 xi1 Pinyin
syntactic analysis English

句法分析 Traditional 句法分析 Simplified
ju4 fa3 fen1 xi1 Pinyin
Syntaxanalyse (u.E.) (S) Deutsch

句法意識 Traditional 句法意识 Simplified
ju4 fa3 yi4 shi2 Pinyin
syntactic awareness English

句仏 Word
くぶつ Reading Kubutsu Romaji

句構 Traditional 句构 Simplified
ju4 gou4 Pinyin
Satzstruktur, Satzbau (u.E.) (S, Sprachw) Deutsch

句構造文法 Word
くこうぞうぶんぽう Reading
phrase structure grammar Translation eng PSG Translation eng

句鬼 Word
くき Reading Kuki Romaji

句號 Traditional 句号 Simplified
ju4 hao4 Pinyin
period (punct.) English

句和 Word
くわ Reading Kuwa Romaji

句集 Word
くしゅう Reading
collection of haiku poems Translation eng Haiku-Sammlung Translation ger

句節 Word
くせつ Reading
phrases and clauses Translation eng

句々 Word 句句 Word
くく Reading
every clause Translation eng

句楽 Word
くらく Reading Kuraku Romaji

句里香 Word
くりか Reading Kurika Romaji

句留美 Word
くるみ Reading Kurumi Romaji

句留実 Word
くるみ Reading Kurumi Romaji

句瑠璃 Word
くるり Reading Kururi Romaji

句美 Word
くみ Reading Kumi Romaji

句美代 Word
くみよ Reading Kumiyo Romaji

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