Character pulp of a melon, a kind of melon Definition
LEI3 Pinyin leoi5 Jyutping

Character pulp of a melon Definition
LIAN4 LUAN2 Pinyin lin6 Jyutping

Character pulp of a melon Definition
dong1 Jyutping

パルプマガジン Reading
pulp magazine Translation eng Groschenheft Translation ger (Heft aus billigem Papier) Translation ger

赤本 Word
あかほん Reading
pulp fiction Translation eng Akahon Translation ger (sehr bunt illustrierte Kinderbücher in rotem Umschlag, in der Edo-Zeit) Translation ger Groschenroman Translation ger Schundroman Translation ger

ざら紙 Word
ざらがみ Reading
pulp paper Translation eng rough (printing) paper Translation eng grobes Papier Translation ger

大衆小説 Word
たいしゅうしょうせつ Reading
novel for the masses Translation eng popular fiction Translation eng pulp Translation eng

果肉 Traditional 果肉 Simplified
guo3 rou4 Pinyin
pulp English

Traditional Simplified
ni2 Pinyin
mud English clay English paste English pulp English

Traditional Simplified
rang2 Pinyin
pulp (of fruit) English sth inside a covering English bad English weak English

Traditional Simplified
rou4 Pinyin
meat English flesh English pulp (of a fruit) English

rang2 Reading Pinyin ショウ Reading On ニョウ Reading On ドウ Reading On ノウ Reading On うりわた Reading Kun
flesh Meaning core Meaning pulp Meaning pith Meaning

歯髄 Word
しずい Reading
(tooth) pulp Translation eng {Anat.} Zahnmark Translation ger Pulpa Translation ger

高座 Word
こうざ Reading
platform Translation eng stage Translation eng upper seat Translation eng pulpit Translation eng Podium Translation ger Rednerbühne Translation ger Rednertribüne Translation ger Empore Translation ger Bühne Translation ger (insbes. für das Yose) Translation ger

tan2 Reading Pinyin ダン Reading On タン Reading On dan Reading Korean Reading Korean
podium Meaning stage Meaning rostrum Meaning terrace Meaning tribune Meaning fr podium Meaning fr estrade Meaning fr gradins Meaning fr le monde des ... Meaning fr podio Meaning es tarima Meaning es plataforma Meaning es tribuna Meaning es podium Meaning pt palco Meaning pt púlpito Meaning pt

原木 Word
げんぼく Reading
pulpwood Translation eng Industrieholz Translation ger

ぐちゃぐちゃ Reading
pulpy Translation eng soppy Translation eng sloppy Translation eng matschig Translation ger schlammig Translation ger breiig Translation ger in Unordnung Translation ger durcheinander Translation ger

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