he2 Reading Pinyin hu2 Reading Pinyin カク Reading On haeg Reading Korean Reading Korean
nucleus Meaning core Meaning kernel Meaning noyau Meaning fr nucléaire Meaning fr coeur Meaning fr semilla Meaning es núcleo Meaning es centro Meaning es meollo Meaning es núcleo Meaning pt centro Meaning pt cerne Meaning pt

ren2 Reading Pinyin ジン Reading On Reading On ニン Reading On きみ Nanori Nanori さと Nanori しのぶ Nanori Nanori Nanori のり Nanori ひと Nanori ひとし Nanori ひろ Nanori まさ Nanori まさし Nanori やす Nanori よし Nanori in Reading Korean Reading Korean
humanity Meaning virtue Meaning benevolence Meaning charity Meaning man Meaning kernel Meaning humanité Meaning fr vertu Meaning fr bienveillance Meaning fr charité Meaning fr grandeur d'âme Meaning fr homme Meaning fr noyau Meaning fr humanidad Meaning es benevolencia Meaning es bondad Meaning es caridad Meaning es humanidade Meaning pt virtude Meaning pt benevolência Meaning pt caridade Meaning pt homem Meaning pt núcleo Meaning pt

似核 Traditional 似核 Simplified
si4 he2 Pinyin
nucleoid (of prokaryotic cell) English

じん Reading にん Reading
benevolence (esp. as a virtue of Confucianism) Translation eng consideration Translation eng compassion Translation eng humanity Translation eng charity Translation eng human Translation eng kernel Translation eng nucleolus Translation eng Barmherzigkeit Translation ger Edelmut Translation ger Wohltätigkeit Translation ger Güte Translation ger Menschenliebe Translation ger Humanität Translation ger höchste Tugend Translation ger
核小体 Crossref

核小体 Word
かくしょうたい Reading
nucleolus Translation eng

核仁 Traditional 核仁 Simplified
he2 ren2 Pinyin
nucleolus (within nucleus of cell) English

核仁 Traditional 核仁 Simplified
he2 ren2 Pinyin
Nucleolus, Kernkörperchen (u.E.) (S, Bio) Deutsch

核子 Word
かくし Reading
nucleon Translation eng {Phys.} Nukleon Translation ger

核蛋白質 Word
かくたんぱくしつ Reading
nucleoprotein Translation eng

ヌクレオシド Reading
nucleoside Translation eng

ヌクレオソーム Reading
nucleosome Translation eng

核小體 Traditional 核小体 Simplified
he2 xiao3 ti3 Pinyin
nucleosome English

核合成 Traditional 核合成 Simplified
he2 he2 cheng2 Pinyin
nucleosynthesis English

ヌクレオチド Reading
nucleotide Translation eng {Biochem.} Nucleotid Translation ger

核苷 Traditional 核苷 Simplified
he2 gan1 Pinyin
nucleotide English

核苷酸 Traditional 核苷酸 Simplified
he2 gan1 suan1 Pinyin
nucleotide English

鹼基 Traditional 碱基 Simplified
jian3 ji1 Pinyin
nucleotide (in nucleic acid) English

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