jie4 Reading Pinyin カイ Reading On すけ Nanori ゆき Nanori gae Reading Korean Reading Korean
jammed in Meaning shellfish Meaning mediate Meaning concern oneself with Meaning immixtion Meaning fr coquillage Meaning fr intervention Meaning fr intermédiaire Meaning fr s'occuper de Meaning fr intervención Meaning es ayuda Meaning es mediación Meaning es cosa aburrida Meaning es comprimir em Meaning pt marisco Meaning pt meio Meaning pt interessa a si próprio com Meaning pt

zha4 Reading Pinyin サク Reading On しぼ. Reading Kun chag Reading Korean Reading Korean
squeeze Meaning presser Meaning fr apretón Meaning es estrujón Meaning es presión Meaning es apretar Meaning es estrujar Meaning es comprimir Meaning es espremer Meaning pt

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