Character bent or twisted piece of wood Definition
NAO2 RAO2 Pinyin naau4 Jyutping
U+6A48 Traditional

Character bent or twisted piece of wood; a paddle Definition
NAO2 RAO2 Pinyin jiu4 naau4 Jyutping DOU JOU NYOU On TAWAMU KAJI Kun Hangul YO Korean njiɛu Tang
U+6861 Simplified

Character bent and twisted; too complicated Definition
AO2 YOU2 Pinyin ngou4 Jyutping GOU GYOU On KIKANAI Kun Hangul O Korean

及び腰 Word
およびごし Reading
bent back Translation eng indecisive attitude Translation eng zaghafte Haltung Translation ger unsichere, in der Hüfte leicht eingenickte Haltung Translation ger

傾き Word
かたむき Reading
slope Translation eng inclination Translation eng list Translation eng tendency Translation eng trend Translation eng bent Translation eng disposition Translation eng bias Translation eng slope (of a linear function) Translation eng Hang Translation ger Neigung Translation ger Steigung Translation ger Tendenz Translation ger Trend Translation ger

猫背 Word
ねこぜ Reading
bent back Translation eng hunchback Translation eng stoop Translation eng gebeugte Haltung Translation ger krummer Rücken Translation ger hängende Schultern Translation ger Katzenbuckel Translation ger être vouté Translation fre avoir le dos rond Translation fre ne pas se tenir droit Translation fre

蝦腰 Word
えびごし Reading
bent (with age) Translation eng (vom Alter) Translation ger gekrümmter Rücken Translation ger

二重腰 Word
ふたえごし Reading
bent back Translation eng stooping back Translation eng

へっぴり腰 Word 屁っ放り腰 Word 屁っぴり腰 Word
へっぴりごし Reading
bent back Translation eng prone posture Translation eng weak-kneed Translation eng timidity Translation eng lack of nerve Translation eng

ベント Reading
vent Translation eng bent Translation eng "finger bending" guitar technique Translation eng

曲がった Word
まがった Reading
bent Translation eng curved Translation eng warped Translation eng winded Translation eng twisted Translation eng awry Translation eng askew Translation eng crooked Translation eng
曲がる Crossref

ベント Reading Bent Romaji Vento Romaji Wendt Romaji

Traditional Simplified
qu1 Pinyin
bent English to feel wronged English

Traditional Simplified
wan1 Pinyin
bend English bent English

Traditional Simplified
luan2 Pinyin
twisted English bent English crooked English cramped English

Traditional Simplified
qu1 Pinyin
bent English crooked English wrong English

曲棍 Traditional 曲棍 Simplified
qu1 gun4 Pinyin
bent stick English hockey stick English

橫心 Traditional 横心 Simplified
heng2 xin1 Pinyin
determined (to do sth) English bent on English

Traditional Simplified
qiu2 Pinyin
bent upwards English taut English

luan2 Reading Pinyin レン Reading On . Reading Kun . Reading Kun ryeon Reading Korean Reading Korean
crooked Meaning bent Meaning

la1 Reading Pinyin ロウ Reading On rab Reading Korean Reading Korean
bent tree Meaning broken tree Meaning

ao2 Reading Pinyin ゴウ Reading On ギョウ Reading On きかない Reading Kun o Reading Korean
poor sentences Meaning bent and twisted Meaning too complicate Meaning

yin1 Reading Pinyin イン Reading On エン Reading On
curved Meaning bent Meaning curved wall enclosure Meaning

ベンター Reading Venter Romaji

本臺 Traditional 本台 Simplified
ben3 tai2 Pinyin
this radio station English

弁谷 Word
べんたに Reading Bentani Romaji

奔逃 Traditional 奔逃 Simplified
ben1 tao2 Pinyin
flee English run away English

鞭撻 Word
べんたつ Reading
encouragement Translation eng enthusiasm Translation eng urging Translation eng (schriftspr.) Translation ger Aufmunterung Translation ger Ermutigung Translation ger Anfeuerung Translation ger
ご鞭撻 Crossref

弁天 Word
べんてん Reading Benten Romaji

辨天 Word
べんてん Reading Benten Romaji

弁天堂 Word
べんてんどう Reading Bentendou Romaji

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