Character commit crime, violate; criminal Definition
FAN4 Pinyin faan6 Jyutping HAN BON On OKASU Kun Hangul PEM Korean bhiæ̌m Tang phạm Viet

コミット Reading
commit Translation eng Verpflichtung Translation ger Beteiligung Translation ger

委託 Word
いたく Reading
consign (goods (for sale) to a firm) Translation eng entrust (person with something) Translation eng commit Translation eng Auftrag Translation ger Mandat Translation ger Bevollmächtigung Translation ger Übertragung Translation ger Kommission Translation ger Konsignation Translation ger commission Translation fre consignation Translation fre mandat Translation fre

生害 Word
しょうがい Reading
commit suicide Translation eng Selbstmord Translation ger Suizid Translation ger

自戕 Traditional 自戕 Simplified
zi4 qiang1 Pinyin
commit suicide English

輕生 Traditional 轻生 Simplified
qing1 sheng1 Pinyin
a suicide English commit suicide English

sui4 Reading Pinyin sui2 Reading Pinyin スイ Reading On .げる Reading Kun つい. Reading Kun su Reading Korean Reading Korean
consummate Meaning accomplish Meaning attain Meaning commit (suicide) Meaning réussi Meaning fr accompli Meaning fr parvenir à Meaning fr consommer Meaning fr commettre (suicide) Meaning fr consumar Meaning es llevar a cabo Meaning es cumplir Meaning es consumir Meaning pt efetuar Meaning pt atingir Meaning pt cometer (suicídio) Meaning pt

zhu2 Reading Pinyin チク Reading On chug Reading Korean jeog Reading Korean Reading Korean Reading Korean
pursue Meaning drive away Meaning chase Meaning accomplish Meaning attain Meaning commit Meaning poursuivre Meaning fr chasser Meaning fr un (par un) Meaning fr accomplir Meaning fr atteindre Meaning fr commettre Meaning fr perseguir Meaning es cazar Meaning es perseguir Meaning pt afastar Meaning pt caçar Meaning pt efetuar Meaning pt atingir Meaning pt comprometer Meaning pt

言質 Word
げんち Reading げんしつ Reading
commitment Translation eng pledge or promise Translation eng Versprechen Translation ger (Lesung ist eigentl. unkorrekt) Translation ger

収監状 Word
しゅうかんじょう Reading
commitment warrant Translation eng Haftbefehl Translation ger

言いがかり Word 言い掛かり Word 言掛かり Word
いいがかり Reading
false accusation Translation eng pretext Translation eng commitment Translation eng Beschuldigung ohne klare Beweise Translation ger Aussage, die nicht zurückgenommen werden kann Translation ger accusation mensongère Translation fre prétexte Translation fre

コミットメント Reading
commitment Translation eng Engagement Translation ger

承諾 Traditional 承诺 Simplified
cheng2 nuo4 Pinyin
to promise English to undertake to do something English commitment English

義務 Traditional 义务 Simplified
yi4 wu4 Pinyin
duty English obligation English commitment English volunteer duty English mandatory English voluntary English

委員 Word
いいん Reading
committee member Translation eng Mitglied Translation ger (eines Ausschusses od. Komitees) Translation ger Komitee Translation ger Ausschuss Translation ger Klassensprecher Translation ger membre d'un comité Translation fre член комитета Translation rus

委員会 Word
いいんかい Reading
committee Translation eng commission Translation eng board Translation eng panel Translation eng committee meeting Translation eng Ausschuss Translation ger Komitee Translation ger comité Translation fre commission Translation fre

委員長 Word
いいんちょう Reading
committee chairman Translation eng Ausschussvorsitzender Translation ger Vorsitzender eines Komitees Translation ger

国対 Word
こくたい Reading
Committee of the National Diet Translation eng

委員会制度 Word
いいんかいせいど Reading
committee system Translation eng commission system Translation eng

コミッティー Reading
committee Translation eng

主委 Traditional 主委 Simplified
zhu3 wei3 Pinyin
committee chairperson English

Traditional Simplified
wei3 Pinyin
to entrust English to cast aside English to shift (blame etc) English to accumulate English roundabout English winding English dejected English listless English committee member English council English end English actually English certainly English

委員 Traditional 委员 Simplified
wei3 yuan2 Pinyin
committee member English committee English council English

委員會 Traditional 委员会 Simplified
wei3 yuan2 hui4 Pinyin
committee English

wei3 Reading Pinyin wei1 Reading Pinyin Reading On ゆだ.ねる Reading Kun まかせ Nanori wi Reading Korean Reading Korean
committee Meaning entrust to Meaning leave to Meaning devote Meaning discard Meaning comité Meaning fr confier à Meaning fr laisser à Meaning fr se consacrer Meaning fr abandonner Meaning fr confiar Meaning es confianza Meaning es detallado Meaning es comitê Meaning pt confiar a Meaning pt deixar para Meaning pt dedicar Meaning pt descartar Meaning pt

去就 Word
きょしゅう Reading
committing one's self Translation eng (schriftspr.) Translation ger Einstellung Translation ger Für und Wider Translation ger Verhalten Translation ger Haltung Translation ger Stellungnahme Translation ger Handlungsweise Translation ger

付託 Word
ふたく Reading
committing to Translation eng refer to Translation eng submit to Translation eng (schriftspr.) Translation ger Übergeben Translation ger Überweisen Translation ger

落花狼藉 Word
らっかろうぜき Reading
running amok (amuck) Translation eng committing violence on Translation eng in utter disorder Translation eng wüstes Durcheinander Translation ger Tohuwabohu Translation ger Unordnung bringende Gewalttätigkeit Translation ger

乱暴狼藉 Word
らんぼうろうぜき Reading
running amok (amuck) Translation eng committing an outrage Translation eng rampageous behavior Translation eng

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