jie2 Reading Pinyin キツ Reading On キチ Reading On .める Reading Kun . Reading Kun -づ. Reading Kun .まる Reading Kun . Reading Kun ずめ Nanori づめ Nanori hil Reading Korean Reading Korean
packed Meaning close Meaning pressed Meaning reprove Meaning rebuke Meaning blame Meaning hermétiquement clos Meaning fr conserve Meaning fr coincé Meaning fr réprimande Meaning fr blâme Meaning fr pedir informes Meaning es empaquetar Meaning es rellenar Meaning es reprobar Meaning es reprender Meaning es trabajar duro Meaning es empacotado Meaning pt fechar Meaning pt pressionar Meaning pt reprovar Meaning pt repreender Meaning pt culpa Meaning pt

詰める Word
つめる Reading
to pack Translation eng to fill Translation eng to plug Translation eng to stop up Translation eng to shorten (length or distance) Translation eng to move over Translation eng to make room (for someone) Translation eng to work out (details) Translation eng stopfen Translation ger füllen Translation ger einpacken Translation ger eng stellen Translation ger zusammenrücken Translation ger kürzen Translation ger verkürzen Translation ger schachmatt setzen Translation ger den Atem anhalten Translation ger im Dienst sein Translation ger bloquer (vt) Translation fre bourrer Translation fre coincer (vt) Translation fre raccourcir (vt) Translation fre remplir Translation fre travailler d'arrache-pied Translation fre

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