Character connected banks of earth or paths in the field Definition
CAN4 CAO4 Pinyin can3 Jyutping

Character connected silk, measurement Definition
SHE4 Pinyin sip3 Jyutping

密接 Word 蜜接 Word
みっせつ Reading
related Translation eng connected Translation eng close Translation eng intimate Translation eng Intimität Translation ger Nähe Translation ger dicht Translation ger eng Translation ger nah Translation ger intim Translation ger zusammenhaften Translation ger untrennbar sein Translation ger lien intime Translation fre relation proche Translation fre

に因んで Word
にちなんで Reading
named after Translation eng associated with Translation eng connected with Translation eng
因む Crossref

門葉 Word
もんよう Reading
blood line Translation eng lineage Translation eng connected by blood Translation eng

関連当事者 Word
かんれんとうじしゃ Reading
connected person Translation eng related parties Translation eng

相通 Traditional 相通 Simplified
xiang1 tong1 Pinyin
interlinked English connected English communicating English in communication English accommodating English

通航 Traditional 通航 Simplified
tong1 hang2 Pinyin
connected by air, sea traffic or service English

關連 Traditional 关连 Simplified
guan1 lian2 Pinyin
connected English related English linked English linkage English correlation English

Character connected, joined; repeated Definition
TA4 DA2 Pinyin daap6 Jyutping TOU On KUTSU Kun Hangul TAP Korean dhop Tang đạp Viet

触れ合い Word 触合い Word
ふれあい Reading
contact Translation eng connectedness Translation eng Kontakt Translation ger Verhältnis Translation ger attouchement Translation fre contact Translation fre

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