うち Reading Reading
house Translation eng home (one's own) Translation eng (one's) family Translation eng (one's) household Translation eng (sa) maison Translation fre дом (свой) Translation rus
内・うち Crossref

Word Word
うち Reading
inside Translation eng within Translation eng while Translation eng among Translation eng amongst Translation eng between Translation eng we (referring to one's in-group, i.e. company, etc.) Translation eng our Translation eng my spouse Translation eng imperial palace grounds Translation eng emperor Translation eng I (primarily used by women and children) Translation eng me Translation eng Innenseite Translation ger Inneres Translation ger innen Translation ger drinnen Translation ger eigenes Haus Translation ger Zuhause Translation ger während Translation ger solange Translation ger bevor Translation ger unter Translation ger dedans (spatial et temporel) Translation fre
家・うち Crossref

宇治 Word
うぢ Reading Udzi Romaji

宇地 Word
うち Reading Uchi Romaji

羽地 Word
うち Reading Uchi Romaji

うち Reading Uchi Romaji

打地 Word
うち Reading Uchi Romaji

うち Reading Uchi Romaji

yu4 Reading Pinyin wei4 Reading Pinyin ウツ Reading On Reading On うち Reading Kun おとこよもぎ Reading Kun ul Reading Korean wi Reading Korean Reading Korean Reading Korean
dense growth Meaning

jia1 Reading Pinyin gu1 Reading Pinyin Reading On Reading On いえ Reading Kun Reading Kun うち Reading Kun あり Nanori Nanori Nanori つか Nanori Nanori ga Reading Korean Reading Korean
house Meaning home Meaning family Meaning professional Meaning expert Meaning performer Meaning maison Meaning fr casa Meaning es hogar Meaning es especialista Meaning es casa Meaning pt lar Meaning pt

da3 Reading Pinyin Reading On ダアス Reading On . Reading Kun .ち- Reading Kun . Reading Kun うち Nanori ta Reading Korean jeong Reading Korean Reading Korean Reading Korean
strike Meaning hit Meaning knock Meaning pound Meaning dozen Meaning taper Meaning fr frapper Meaning fr coup Meaning fr marteler Meaning fr douzaine Meaning fr golpear Meaning es pegar Meaning es bater Meaning pt acesso Meaning pt batida Meaning pt libra Meaning pt dúzia Meaning pt

zhong1 Reading Pinyin zhong4 Reading Pinyin チュウ Reading On なか Reading Kun うち Reading Kun あた. Reading Kun あたる Nanori かなえ Nanori jung Reading Korean Reading Korean
in Meaning inside Meaning middle Meaning mean Meaning center Meaning dans Meaning fr dedans Meaning fr à l'intérieur Meaning fr milieu Meaning fr centre Meaning fr moyenne Meaning fr centro Meaning es dentro Meaning es interior Meaning es medio Meaning es em Meaning pt interior Meaning pt médio Meaning pt meio Meaning pt centro Meaning pt

nei4 Reading Pinyin ナイ Reading On ダイ Reading On うち Reading Kun いと Nanori ただ Nanori Nanori のち Nanori nae Reading Korean nab Reading Korean Reading Korean Reading Korean
inside Meaning within Meaning between Meaning among Meaning house Meaning home Meaning intérieur Meaning fr dedans Meaning fr entre Meaning fr parmi Meaning fr maison Meaning fr interior Meaning es dentro de Meaning es privado Meaning es interior Meaning pt dentro Meaning pt entre Meaning pt dentre Meaning pt casa Meaning pt

li3 Reading Pinyin Reading On うち Reading Kun うら Reading Kun ri Reading Korean Reading Korean
reverse Meaning inside Meaning palm Meaning sole Meaning rear Meaning lining Meaning wrong side Meaning

wan4 Reading Pinyin ワン Reading On ウツ Reading On ウチ Reading On うで Reading Kun . Reading Kun もぎ. Reading Kun
to bend the wrist Meaning come off Meaning be broken Meaning

wei1 Reading Pinyin ワイ Reading On ウツ Reading On ウチ Reading On うずみび Reading Kun oe Reading Korean
to stew Meaning simmer Meaning banked fire Meaning

yu4 Reading Pinyin エン Reading On オン Reading On ウツ Reading On ウチ Reading On ウン Reading On その Reading Kun . Reading Kun
luxuriance of growth Meaning

bi4 Reading Pinyin ヒツ Reading On ヒチ Reading On ウツ Reading On ウチ Reading On ひちりき Reading Kun pil Reading Korean
tartar horn Meaning chilly wind Meaning

打ち合い Word
うちあい Reading
exchange of blows Translation eng long rally Translation eng Schlägerei Translation ger Prügelei Translation ger Rauferei Translation ger Fight Translation ger

撃ち合い Word 撃合い Word
うちあい Reading
gunfight Translation eng exchange of shots Translation eng firefight Translation eng Schießerei Translation ger

打合 Word
うちあい Reading Uchiai Romaji

撃ち合う Word 打ち合う Word
うちあう Reading
to fight Translation eng to exchange blows Translation eng to rally Translation eng to arrange a meeting Translation eng sich beschießen Translation ger

内赤 Word
うちあか Reading Uchiaka Romaji

打上り Word
うちあがり Reading Uchiagari Romaji

打ち上げ Word
うちあげ Reading
launch Translation eng Abschuss Translation ger (m) Translation ger (einer Rakete) Translation ger Abbrennen Translation ger (n) Translation ger (eines Feuerwerks) Translation ger Ende der Vorstellung Translation ger Schluss Translation ger (m) Translation ger

打上 Word
うちあげ Reading Uchiage Romaji

打明 Word
うちあけ Reading Uchiake Romaji

打揚 Word
うちあげ Reading Uchiage Romaji

打ち明け話 Word
うちあけばなし Reading
confession Translation eng confidential talk Translation eng vertrauliches Gespräch Translation ger Geständnis Translation ger vertrauliche Mitteilung Translation ger

打ち上げ花火 Word
うちあげはなび Reading
skyrocket (firework) Translation eng Feuerwerksrakete Translation ger

打ち上げる Word 打上げる Word
うちあげる Reading
to launch Translation eng to shoot up Translation eng (of waves) dash Translation eng to wash up (ashore) Translation eng to finish Translation eng to close Translation eng abschießen Translation ger hochschießen Translation ger abbrennen Translation ger beenden Translation ger anspülen Translation ger finir Translation fre jeter (par les vagues) Translation fre lancer Translation fre rejeter (sur la côte) Translation fre tirer Translation fre

打ち明ける Word 打明ける Word
うちあける Reading
to be frank Translation eng to speak one's mind Translation eng to open one's heart Translation eng jmdm. anvertrauen Translation ger offenbaren Translation ger im Vertrauen sagen Translation ger gestehen Translation ger ouvrir Translation fre parler franchement Translation fre se confier Translation fre

yi1 Reading Pinyin エイ Reading On うちあたるこえ Reading Kun みにくいすがた Reading Kun

打集 Word
うちあつまり Reading Uchiatsumari Romaji

打集 Word
うちあつめ Reading Uchiatsume Romaji

打ち当てる Word
うちあてる Reading
to hit against Translation eng

内荒井 Word
うちあらい Reading Uchiarai Romaji

ウチアラル Reading Uch-Aral Romaji

内淡路 Word
うちあわじ Reading Uchiawaji Romaji

打ち合わせ Word 打ち合せ Word 打合せ Word 打合わせ Word
うちあわせ Reading
business meeting Translation eng previous arrangement Translation eng appointment Translation eng Verabredung Translation ger Besprechung Translation ger Vorbesprechung Translation ger Beratung Translation ger réunion d'affaires Translation fre rendez-vous Translation fre

打ち合わせる Word 打ち合せる Word 打合せる Word 打合わせる Word
うちあわせる Reading
to knock together Translation eng to arrange (e.g. a meeting) Translation eng besprechen Translation ger vorab besprechen Translation ger verabreden Translation ger vereinbaren Translation ger abstimmen Translation ger verabreden Translation ger aufeinander stoßen Translation ger zusammenschlagen Translation ger etw. gegeneinander schlagen Translation ger assembler Translation fre discuter par avance Translation fre

氏井 Word
うぢい Reading Udzii Romaji

打井 Word
うちい Reading Uchii Romaji

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