Character tears; weep Definition
LEI4 Pinyin RUI REI On NAMIDA Kun LWU Korean
U+6DDA Variant

Word Word Word
なみだ Reading なだ Reading
sympathy Translation eng tear Translation eng tears Translation eng lachrymal secretion Translation eng Träne Translation ger Gefühl Translation ger larme Translation fre слеза Translation rus

しずく Reading Shizuku Romaji

なみだ Reading Namida Romaji

るい Reading Rui Romaji

Traditional Simplified
lei4 Pinyin
Japanese variant of |[lei4] English

lei4 Reading Pinyin ルイ Reading On レイ Reading On なみだ Reading Kun ru Reading Korean Reading Korean
tears Meaning sympathy Meaning larme Meaning fr compassion Meaning fr lágrima Meaning es compasión Meaning es consolación Meaning es lágrimas Meaning pt simpatia Meaning pt

涙ぐましい Word
なみだぐましい Reading
touching Translation eng moving Translation eng painful Translation eng rührend Translation ger auf rührende Weise Translation ger émouvant Translation fre touchant Translation fre

涙ぐむ Word
なみだぐむ Reading
to be moved to tears Translation eng zu Tränen gerührt sein Translation ger den Tränen nahe sein Translation ger Tränen in den Augen haben Translation ger

涙する Word
なみだする Reading
to shed tears Translation eng to bring tears to one's eyes Translation eng (schriftspr.) Translation ger weinen Translation ger Tränen vergießen Translation ger

涙ながら Word
なみだながら Reading
while crying Translation eng in tears Translation eng

流す Word
ながす Reading
to drain Translation eng to pour Translation eng to spill Translation eng to shed (blood, tears) Translation eng to wash away Translation eng to distribute (e.g. electricity over wires, music over a PA system, etc.) Translation eng to circulate Translation eng to broadcast Translation eng to beam Translation eng to cruise (e.g. taxi) Translation eng to float Translation eng to set adrift Translation eng fließen lassen Translation ger strömen lassen Translation ger gießen Translation ger vergießen Translation ger schütten Translation ger abwaschen Translation ger verbreiten Translation ger (Gerücht Translation ger Information) Translation ger ausstrahlen Translation ger aussenden Translation ger (Fernseh- und Radioprogramm) Translation ger verbannen Translation ger ins Exil schicken Translation ger exilieren Translation ger herumfahren Translation ger herumziehen Translation ger verfallen lassen Translation ger (ein Pfand) Translation ger absagen Translation ger ausfallen lassen Translation ger aller à la recherche de clients (taxis, etc.) Translation fre faire couler Translation fre faire flotter Translation fre verser (larmes) Translation fre
涙を流す Crossref

涙を流す Word
なみだをながす Reading
to shed tears Translation eng Tränen vergießen Translation ger

涙壁 Word
るいへき Reading Ruiheki Romaji

涙脆い Word
なみだもろい Reading
easily moved to tears Translation eng leicht zu rühren Translation ger sentimental Translation ger

涙点 Word
るいてん Reading
lachrymal punctum (lacrimal, lacrymal) Translation eng lacrimal point Translation eng

涙骨 Word
るいこつ Reading
lacrimal bone (of the skull) Translation eng

涙骨 Word
るいこつ Reading Ruikotsu Romaji

涙管 Word
るいかん Reading
lachrymal or tear duct Translation eng {Anat.} Tränenkanal Translation ger

涙花 Word
るいか Reading Ruika Romaji

涙華 Word
るいか Reading Ruika Romaji

涙輝 Word
るいき Reading Ruiki Romaji

涙岬 Word
なみだみさき Reading Namidamisaki Romaji

涙金 Word
なみだきん Reading
(token amount of) consolation money Translation eng Kondolenzgeld Translation ger (eine kleine Summe) Translation ger

涙蘭 Word
るいか Reading Ruika Romaji

涙蘭 Word
るらん Reading Ruran Romaji

涙流愛 Word
るるか Reading Ruruka Romaji

涙卯 Word
るうさ Reading Ruusa Romaji

涙目 Word
なみだめ Reading
teary eyes Translation eng

涙嚢 Word
るいのう Reading
lachrymal or tear sac Translation eng dacryocyst Translation eng {Anat.} Tränensack Translation ger

涙綺 Word
るいき Reading Ruiki Romaji

涙器 Word
るいき Reading
lacrimal apparatus Translation eng

涙橋 Word
なみだばし Reading Namidabashi Romaji

涙沙 Word
るいざ Reading Ruiza Romaji

涙砂 Word
るいさ Reading Ruisa Romaji

涙声 Word
なみだごえ Reading
tearful voice Translation eng tränenerstickte Stimme Translation ger weinerliche Stimme Translation ger voix larmoyante Translation fre

涙無 Word
るいな Reading Ruina Romaji

涙嬉 Word
るいき Reading Ruiki Romaji

涙喜 Word
るいき Reading Ruiki Romaji

涙腺 Word
るいせん Reading
lachrymal or tear gland Translation eng {Anat.} Tränendrüse Translation ger

涙香 Word
るいこう Reading Ruikou Romaji

涙羽 Word
るいは Reading Ruiha Romaji

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