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BI3 Pinyin bei2 Jyutping HI On KARE KANO Kun Hangul PHI Korean *byɛ̌ Tang bỉ Viet

かれ Reading
he Translation eng him Translation eng boyfriend Translation eng er Translation ger (mask. Sing) Translation ger fester Freund Translation ger Liebhaber Translation ger il Translation fre lui Translation fre petit ami Translation fre он Translation rus

そのさき Reading Sonosaki Romaji

Traditional Simplified
bi3 Pinyin
that English those English (one) another) English

bi3 Reading Pinyin Reading On かれ Reading Kun かの Reading Kun . Reading Kun その Nanori pi Reading Korean Reading Korean
he Meaning that Meaning the Meaning lui Meaning fr celui-là Meaning fr eso Meaning es aquello Meaning es otra persona Meaning es ele Meaning pt que Meaning pt o Meaning pt

其れ Word
それ Reading
that (indicating an item or person near the listener, the action of the listener, or something on their mind) Translation eng it Translation eng that time Translation eng then Translation eng there (indicating a place near the listener) Translation eng you Translation eng das da Translation ger das Translation ger der Translation ger die Translation ger das Translation ger diese Zeit Translation ger ça Translation fre ceci Translation fre cela Translation fre это (рядом с собеседником) Translation rus то Translation rus
彼・あれ Crossref 此れ Crossref 何れ Crossref

何れ Word
どれ Reading
which (of three or more) Translation eng well Translation eng now Translation eng let me see Translation eng whichever Translation eng any Translation eng bien Translation fre lequel (d'un groupe d'au moins trois) Translation fre maintenant Translation fre voyons Translation fre кото́рый Translation rus како́й Translation rus
どれどれ Crossref どれも Crossref 彼・あれ Crossref 此れ Crossref 其れ Crossref

此れ Word Word 是れ Word Word 之れ Word Word Word
これ Reading
this person (usu. indicating someone in one's in-group) Translation eng now Translation eng here Translation eng I (me) Translation eng certainly Translation eng this (indicating an item near the speaker, the action of the speaker, or the current topic) Translation eng dies Translation ger hier Translation ger jetzt Translation ger diese Person Translation ger ceci Translation fre это (рядом с говорящим) Translation rus
彼・あれ Crossref 其れ Crossref 何れ Crossref

彼とか Word
かんとか Reading カントカ Reading
something Translation eng something or other Translation eng so-and-so Translation eng
何とか彼とか Crossref

彼なり Word
かれなり Reading
his way Translation eng peculiar to him Translation eng

其の Word
その Reading
that (something or someone distant from the speaker, close to the listener; actions of the listener, or ideas expressed or understood by the listener) Translation eng the Translation eng um... Translation eng er... Translation eng uh... Translation eng dieser Translation ger der Translation ger sein Translation ger der betreffende Translation ger fragliche Translation ger besagte Translation ger genau derselbe Translation ger этот (рядом с собеседником) Translation rus тот Translation rus
其れ Crossref 彼の Crossref 此の Crossref 何の Crossref

此の Word 斯の Word
この Reading
this (something or someone close to the speaker (including the speaker), or ideas expressed by the speaker) Translation eng dies Translation ger diese Translation ger ... hier Translation ger ceci Translation fre этот (рядом с говорящим) Translation rus
此れ Crossref 彼の Crossref 其の Crossref 何の Crossref

何の Word
どの Reading
which Translation eng what (way) Translation eng welcher Translation ger welch Translation ger welche Translation ger который Translation rus како́й Translation rus
彼の Crossref 其の Crossref 此の Crossref

彼の地 Word
かのち Reading
there Translation eng that place Translation eng

彼の矢 Word
かのや Reading Kanoya Romaji

彼ノ矢 Word
かのや Reading Kanoya Romaji

黄昏時 Word
たそがれどき Reading
dusk Translation eng
彼は誰時 Crossref

彼や是や Word 彼や此れや Word
あれやこれや Reading
this and that Translation eng dies oder das Translation ger dies und das Translation ger

彼ら Word 彼等 Word
かれら Reading
they (usually male) Translation eng them Translation eng sie Translation ger {m., pl.} Translation ger ils Translation fre они (преимущественно о мужчинах) Translation rus

彼愛 Word
かのう Reading Kanou Romaji

彼岸 Word
ひがん Reading
equinoctial week (when Buddhist services are held) Translation eng nirvana Translation eng Buddhist services during the equinoctial week Translation eng äquinoktionale Woche Translation ger Woche der Tagundnachtgleiche Translation ger {Rel.} Nirvana Translation ger Jenseits Translation ger semaine equinoxiale Translation fre
彼岸会 Crossref 此岸 Crossref

此岸 Word
しがん Reading
this world Translation eng this life Translation eng Diesseits Translation ger diese Welt Translation ger
彼岸 Crossref

彼岸 Traditional 彼岸 Simplified
bi3 an4 Pinyin
the other shore English paramita English

彼岸 Traditional 彼岸 Simplified
bi3 an4 Pinyin
am anderen Ufer, jenseits (u.E.) Deutsch

彼岸花 Word
ひがんばな Reading
cluster amaryllis Translation eng {Bot.} Amaryllis Translation ger Nirvana-Blümchen Translation ger (<wiss. N.: Lycoris radiata>) Translation ger

彼岸手 Word
ひがんて Reading Higante Romaji

彼岸田 Word
ひがんだ Reading Higanda Romaji

彼岸子 Word
ひがんし Reading Higanshi Romaji

あれ程 Word 彼程 Word
あれほど Reading
to that extent Translation eng so Translation ger so sehr Translation ger in solch einer Weise Translation ger

彼杵 Word
そのき Reading Sonoki Romaji

彼杵 Word
そのぎ Reading Sonogi Romaji

彼杵川 Word
そのぎがわ Reading Sonogigawa Romaji

彼処 Word 彼所 Word
あそこ Reading あすこ Reading かしこ Reading あしこ Reading あこ Reading
there (place physically distant from both speaker and listener) Translation eng over there Translation eng that place Translation eng yonder Translation eng that far (something psychologically distant from both speaker and listener) Translation eng that much Translation eng that point Translation eng genitals Translation eng dort drüben Translation ger dahinten Translation ger (ugs.) Translation ger männliche und weibliche Geschlechtsorgane Translation ger organes génitaux Translation fre cet endroit-là Translation fre Translation fre là-bas Translation fre там (место удалённое от всех участников беседы) Translation rus
此処 Crossref 其処 Crossref 何処 Crossref あれほど Crossref

其処 Word
そこ Reading
there (place relatively near listener) Translation eng there (place just mentioned) Translation eng that place Translation eng then (of some incident just spoken of) Translation eng that (of point just raised) Translation eng you Translation eng dort Translation ger da Translation ger jener Ort Translation ger Stelle da Translation ger там (место рядом с собеседником) Translation rus
彼処 Crossref 此処 Crossref 何処 Crossref

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