fu4 Reading Pinyin Reading On .ける Reading Kun .かす Reading Kun . Reading Kun bu Reading Korean Reading Korean
defeat Meaning negative Meaning - Meaning minus Meaning bear Meaning owe Meaning assume a responsibility Meaning défaite Meaning fr perdre Meaning fr moins Meaning fr négatif Meaning fr assumer Meaning fr porter sur le dos Meaning fr devoir à quelqu'un Meaning fr faire un rabais Meaning fr llevar Meaning es tomar a su cargo Meaning es deber Meaning es ser derrotado Meaning es llevarse la victoria Meaning es derrotar Meaning pt negativa Meaning pt menos Meaning pt carregar Meaning pt dever a Meaning pt assumir uma responsabilidade Meaning pt

目の覚めるよう Word 目の覚める様 Word
めのさめるよう Reading
stunning Translation eng electrifying Translation eng striking Translation eng eye-popping Translation eng brilliant Translation eng

tun1 Reading Pinyin トン Reading On ドン Reading On . Reading Kun tan Reading Korean Reading Korean
drink Meaning beber Meaning es tragar Meaning es menospreciar Meaning es subestimar Meaning es

wu3 Reading Pinyin Reading On あなど. Reading Kun あなず. Reading Kun mo Reading Korean Reading Korean
scorn Meaning despise Meaning make light of Meaning contempt Meaning mépriser Meaning fr dédaigner Meaning fr prendre à la légère Meaning fr irrespect Meaning fr desprecio Meaning es menosprecio Meaning es despreciar Meaning es menospreciar Meaning es desdém Meaning pt desprezo Meaning pt desprezar Meaning pt

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