Character pass, pass through, go across Definition
GUO4 GUO5 GUO1 HUO4 Pinyin gwo1 gwo3 Jyutping KA On SUGIRU AYAMATSU TOGA Kun Hangul KWA Korean *guɑ guɑ̀ Tang quá Viet
U+8FC7 Simplified

すぐる Reading Suguru Romaji

まさる Reading Masaru Romaji

Traditional Simplified
guo4 Pinyin
(experienced action marker) English to cross English to go over English to pass (time) English to celebrate (a holiday) English to live English to get along English excessively English too- English surname Guo English

guo4 Reading Pinyin guo1 Reading Pinyin Reading On .ぎる Reading Kun -す.ぎる Reading Kun -す. Reading Kun .ごす Reading Kun あやま. Reading Kun あやま. Reading Kun .ぎる Reading Kun gwa Reading Korean Reading Korean
overdo Meaning exceed Meaning go beyond Meaning error Meaning passer Meaning fr dépasser Meaning fr excéder Meaning fr erreur Meaning fr pasar Meaning es extralimitarse Meaning es exceder Meaning es fallo Meaning es error Meaning es traspasar Meaning es fallar Meaning es sobrepujar Meaning pt exceder Meaning pt ir além de Meaning pt erro Meaning pt

過ぎ Word
すぎ Reading
past Translation eng after Translation eng too (much) Translation eng over (e.g. eating) Translation eng après Translation fre passé Translation fre по́сле Translation rus по́зже Translation rus

過ぎた事 Word
すぎたこと Reading
bygones Translation eng the past Translation eng past event Translation eng

過ぎる Word
すぎる Reading
to pass through Translation eng to pass by Translation eng to go beyond Translation eng to pass (i.e. of time) Translation eng to elapse Translation eng to have expired Translation eng to have ended Translation eng to be over Translation eng to exceed Translation eng to surpass Translation eng to be above Translation eng to be no more than ... Translation eng (often used after adjective stems or the -masu stems of verbs) to be excessive Translation eng to be too much Translation eng to be too ... Translation eng vorübergehen Translation ger vorbeigehen Translation ger vorbeifahren Translation ger vergehen Translation ger dahingehen Translation ger dahinschwinden Translation ger enteilen Translation ger ubertreiben Translation ger zu weit treiben Translation ger zu sehr tun Translation ger allzu ... Translation ger uberschreiten Translation ger hinausgehen uber ... Translation ger dépasser Translation fre passer Translation fre s'écouler (le temps) Translation fre trop (+verbe) Translation fre

過ぎる Word 過る Word
よぎる Reading
to go by Translation eng to cross Translation eng to pass by Translation eng to float across Translation eng

過ぎ去る Word 過去る Word
すぎさる Reading
to pass Translation eng to pass away Translation eng vorbeifahren Translation ger vorbeigehen Translation ger vergehen Translation ger vorübergehen Translation ger überschreiten Translation ger zu Ende gehen Translation ger

過ぎ行く Word 過行く Word
すぎいく Reading すぎゆく Reading
to pass Translation eng to go past Translation eng

過ごす Word 過す Word
すごす Reading
to pass (time) Translation eng to spend Translation eng to overdo (esp. of one's alcohol consumption) Translation eng to drink (alcohol) Translation eng to take care of Translation eng to support Translation eng to overdo Translation eng to do too much Translation eng to ... without acting on it Translation eng verbringen Translation ger verleben Translation ger überschreiten Translation ger hinausgehen Translation ger Maß überschreiten Translation ger passer (le temps) Translation fre проводи́ть Translation rus

過ち Word 誤ち Word
あやまち Reading
fault Translation eng error Translation eng indiscretion Translation eng faux pas Translation eng Fehler Translation ger Verstoß Translation ger Fehltritt Translation ger erreur Translation fre faute Translation fre indiscrétion Translation fre

過つ Word
あやまつ Reading
to err Translation eng irren Translation ger einen Fehler machen Translation ger errer Translation fre

誤って Word 過って Word
あやまって Reading
in error Translation eng by mistake Translation eng by accident Translation eng aus Versehen Translation ger versehentlich Translation ger

過般 Word
かはん Reading
some time ago Translation eng recently Translation eng (schriftspr.) Translation ger nicht weit in der Vergangenheit liegender Zeitpunkt Translation ger neulich Translation ger vor einiger Zeit Translation ger

過般来 Word
かはんらい Reading
for some time Translation eng

過半 Word
かはん Reading
the greater part Translation eng größere Teil Translation ger über die Hälfte Translation ger Mehrheit Translation ger meist Translation ger meistenteils Translation ger

過半 Traditional 过半 Simplified
guo4 ban4 Pinyin
over fifty percent English more than half English

過半 Traditional 过半 Simplified
guo4 ban4 Pinyin
mehr als die Hälfte (u.E.) Deutsch

過半数 Word
かはんすう Reading
majority Translation eng Mehrheit Translation ger Majorität Translation ger de nombreux Translation fre majorité Translation fre

過半數 Traditional 过半数 Simplified
guo4 ban4 shu4 Pinyin
mehrheitlich (u.E.) (Adj) Deutsch

過磅 Traditional 过磅 Simplified
guo4 bang4 Pinyin
- (u.E.) Deutsch

過褒 Word
かほう Reading
overpraise Translation eng unverdientes Lob Translation ger übertriebenes Lob Translation ger félicitations imméritées Translation fre louanges exagérées Translation fre

過保護 Word
かほご Reading
excessive care Translation eng übertriebene Fürsorge Translation ger Verzärtelung Translation ger Verhätschelung Translation ger Überbehütung Translation ger

過飽和 Word
かほうわ Reading
supersaturation Translation eng {Phys., Chem.} Übersättigung Translation ger

過飽和 Traditional 过饱和 Simplified
guo4 bao3 he2 Pinyin
Übersättigung (u.E.) (S) Deutsch

過不及 Word
かふきゅう Reading
excess or deficiency Translation eng (schriftspr.) Translation ger Überfluss od. Mangel Translation ger

過不足 Word
かふそく Reading
excess or deficiency Translation eng weder zu viel noch zu wenig sein Translation ger

過部 Word
あまるべ Reading Amarube Romaji

過長 Traditional 过长 Simplified
guo4 chang2 Pinyin
allzu lang (u.E.) Deutsch

過場 Traditional 过场 Simplified
guo4 chang3 Pinyin
interlude English to cross the stage English to do sth as a mere formality English to go through the motions English

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