Character forced laughter Definition
ER2 Pinyin ji4 waa1 Jyutping JI NI AI On HETSURAU KATAKOTO Kun A AY Korean nhè Viet

強行 Word
きょうこう Reading
forcing Translation eng enforcement Translation eng forced Translation eng enforced Translation eng Zwang Translation ger Erzwingung Translation ger Durchsetzung Translation ger faire quelque chose en force (malgré une opposition ou une raison contraire) Translation fre forcer Translation fre

強制送還 Word
きょうせいそうかん Reading
forced repatriation Translation eng Zwangsdeportation Translation ger Zwangsrepatriierung Translation ger

強制的 Word
きょうせいてき Reading
forced Translation eng compulsory Translation eng zwangsmasig Translation ger unter Zwang Translation ger Zwangs... Translation ger

牽強付会 Word
けんきょうふかい Reading
farfetched (argument, opinion) Translation eng forced (sense, view) Translation eng strained (interpretation) Translation eng distorted Translation eng (schriftspr.) Translation ger Spitzfindigkeit Translation ger an den Haaren herbeigezogene Erklärung Translation ger weithergeholte Interpretation Translation ger Verdrehung Translation ger

作り Word
つくり Reading
making Translation eng producing Translation eng manufacturing Translation eng building Translation eng construction Translation eng make Translation eng structure Translation eng appearance (i.e. attire, make-up) Translation eng build (i.e. physique) Translation eng sashimi Translation eng forced (smile, etc.) Translation eng Struktur Translation ger Aufbau Translation ger Bau Translation ger Stil Translation ger Ausführung Translation ger Arbeit Translation ger Kostümierung Translation ger Kultur Translation ger Kultivierung \\ Translation ger {Kochk.} Sashimi Translation ger вы́делка Translation rus рабо́та Translation rus
御作り Crossref

作り笑い Word
つくりわらい Reading
forced laugh Translation eng forced smile Translation eng gezwungenes Lachen Translation ger gekünsteltes Lachen Translation ger rire forcé Translation fre

三封 Word
さんぷう Reading
forced out on third Translation eng

囚人労働 Word
しゅうじんろうどう Reading
prison labor Translation eng prison labour Translation eng forced labor Translation eng forced labour Translation eng

二封 Word
にふう Reading
forced out on second Translation eng

賦役 Word 夫役 Word
ふえき Reading ぶえき Reading ぶやく Reading
slave labour Translation eng slave labor Translation eng compulsory service Translation eng forced labour Translation eng forced labor Translation eng exacted service Translation eng Zwangsarbeit Translation ger Frondienst Translation ger Fronarbeit Translation ger corvée Translation fre travail obligatoire Translation fre

闖入 Word ちん入 Word
ちんにゅう Reading
intrusion Translation eng forced entry Translation eng (schriftspr.) Translation ger Eindringen Translation ger Einbruch Translation ger Einfall Translation ger

押し借り Word
おしがり Reading
forced to borrow Translation eng gewaltsam entleihen Translation ger

愛想笑い Word あいそ笑い Word あいそ笑 Word
あいそわらい Reading あいそうわらい Reading
insincere smile Translation eng ingratiating smile Translation eng forced smile Translation eng süßes Lachen Translation ger

強行軍 Word
きょうこうぐん Reading
forced march Translation eng Gewaltmarsch Translation ger

強制労働 Word
きょうせいろうどう Reading
forced labor Translation eng forced labour Translation eng slave labor Translation eng slave labour Translation eng Zwangsarbeit Translation ger

強制疎開 Word
きょうせいそかい Reading
forced evacuation Translation eng Zwangsevakuierung Translation ger

態とらしい Word
わざとらしい Reading
unnatural Translation eng affected Translation eng studied Translation eng forced Translation eng unnatürlich Translation ger gekünstelt Translation ger

強制退去 Word
きょうせいたいきょ Reading
forced eviction Translation eng deport Translation eng

巧笑 Word 巧咲 Word
こうしょう Reading
courteous laughter Translation eng forced laughter Translation eng

勞役 Traditional 劳役 Simplified
lao2 yi4 Pinyin
forced labor English corvée (labor required of a serf) English animal labor English

Traditional Simplified
er2 Pinyin
forced laughter English

Traditional Simplified
yi4 Pinyin
forced labor English corvée English obligatory task English military service English to use as servant English to enserf English a servant (in former times) English a war English a campaign English a battle English

急行軍 Traditional 急行军 Simplified
ji2 xing2 jun1 Pinyin
rapid advance English forced march English

Traditional Simplified
yao2 Pinyin
folk-song English forced labor English

苦役 Traditional 苦役 Simplified
ku3 yi4 Pinyin
forced labor English corvée English penal servitude English

迫於 Traditional 迫于 Simplified
po4 yu2 Pinyin
constrained English restricted English forced to English under pressure to do sth English

er2 Reading Pinyin Reading On Reading On アイ Reading On へつら. Reading Kun かたこと Reading Kun a Reading Korean ae Reading Korean
forced laughter Meaning

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