shi4 Reading Pinyin Reading On . Reading Kun
look at Meaning inspect Meaning observe Meaning see Meaning

観測データ Word
かんそくデータ Reading
observed data Translation eng

観測値 Word
かんそくち Reading
observed value Translation eng

オブザーバ Reading オブザーバー Reading
observer Translation eng

観察者 Word
かんさつしゃ Reading
observer Translation eng Beobachter Translation ger

立会人 Word
たちあいにん Reading
witness Translation eng observer Translation eng Zeuge Translation ger Beobachter Translation ger

観測者 Word
かんそくしゃ Reading
observer Translation eng Beobachter Translation ger

旁觀者 Traditional 旁观者 Simplified
pang2 guan1 zhe3 Pinyin
observer English spectator English

觀察人士 Traditional 观察人士 Simplified
guan1 cha2 ren2 shi4 Pinyin
observer English

觀察員 Traditional 观察员 Simplified
guan1 cha2 yuan2 Pinyin
observer English

觀察家 Traditional 观察家 Simplified
guan1 cha2 jia1 Pinyin
observer English The Observer (UK newspaper) English

觀察者 Traditional 观察者 Simplified
guan1 cha2 zhe3 Pinyin
observer English

觀測員 Traditional 观测员 Simplified
guan1 ce4 yuan2 Pinyin
observer English spotter English

觀測者 Traditional 观测者 Simplified
guan1 ce4 zhe3 Pinyin
observer English

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